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  1. how long does it take to work??? ive been on it 6 days and still have pimples; drying out old ones but new ones are still coming up...so annoying i hate having to be patient and wait for clear skin
  2. i refuse to take oral ABs but did start acanya a few days ago and plan to use it until i clear up and then switch to Dans BP for the long run as well as Retin-A Micro for awhile
  3. a very expensive pro-biotic with over 40 billion in it that i actually stole-eek! and used everyday for 2 months did absolutely nothing for my skin
  4. u poor thing ...i just really get acne on my face...little bit on chest but very light; i really hate acne and what it does to people; it rapes/pillages peoples bodies for no reason! its 2010 u'd think a cure would've been discovered by now! keep ur head up
  5. mine doesn't rub in completely and leaves yellow residue...that goes away though from what i remember from before;like my skin does adjust eventually
  6. i understand! acne has caused me to be a recluse and isolate from the world/killed sex life too; but going to the derm and getting on acanya & retin-a micro is helping me slowly but surely! go to another derm- get referrals/yelp posts for ur area because u should get improvements from a good/understanding/patient dr. they do exist! also maybe an endocrinologist could help to check ur hormones? i need to see one cause i know my acne is hormone related....good luck! u are not alone! also i su
  7. my brother had horrible acne in high school but he got to a point where he just didn't stress or obsess over it at all and it went away completely-he hasnt had acne issues in like 15yrs! i wish i could do that but i am so OCD about it :/
  8. when i worked at Whole Foods people would always tell me i needed to try this and that to heal my pimples-strangers! everyones a derm! but kids are the worst -some little boy said "what are those purple things on ur face?!" i was mortified-my inflamed acne looked purple
  9. anyone whats a good sunblock for the face thats non-comedogenic/oily? and works all day for a retinoid?
  10. $122- i have no insurance but wanted to get Retin-A Micro as i know it works and is less irritating than generic...and yes it lasts a long time; so when i spent 100s on crappy products that didn't work paying more initially for a product that works is worth it!
  11. is it okay that i use Mineral Fusion pressed powder-says its good for acne skin-only until my skin isn't so obviously broken out? i just don't have the guts to go out without some coverage to conceal my breakouts/cystic bumps... i plan to go without makeup once my face clears up some.
  12. how bad is your acne? i'm currently in school to be an esthetician and its made me break out severely because we have to practice facials/treatments on each other in class...only prescription products from a derm have ever cleared me up; not facials/chemical peels/micro-make it worse but alot of people do get results from them just not me; lancing a pimple that is ready to burst is fine as long as it is prepped to be popped and then disinfected; not using the same needle to lance other pimples b
  13. thanks for the info not a new symptom...always inflamed but the retin-a is making me more itchy cause skin is peeling...i have faith this treatment will work-did in the past