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  1. I've been apathetic updating this blog and started off so keen to write frequently, but failed to sustain enthusiasm. Anyway, update on my skin: looking pretty good, contented where I am right now, though still ghostly pale with lightly red stained cheeks, distinct faint markings signifying the remnants of the past volcanic patches that inhabited my cheeks and neck. On my neck I've got really noticeable red markings where I had big coin sized cysts inhabiting the side of my neck. Though I may mo
  2. Run out of medication because my Dermatology Clinic rescheduled my appointment because they were very busy. So, been without any medication since beginning of the month. Fortunately my acne was already cleared up, except for a couple spots now and then on my back. Acne hasn't got worse and my skin isn't dry any more so feeling good. Had an appointment with dermatologist yesterday and expressed my anxiety for the acne coming back. He was attentive and helpful, though I didn't get what I wante
  3. I'm now 19! Skin is glowing! But my neck still isn't clear, and my complexion isn't even, and texture not totally smooth, blah-blah-blah--Whatever, right? Well... I know as you probably know it's easier in theory to not let such minor, superficial imperfections bother you, but it is difficult still even now despite the huge transformation I've made. Got a haircut a couple of weeks ago and I'm feeling a lot more confident, but I still have moments where I become obssesive about the tone, texture,
  4. My acne is getting better but progress has been slow, still pretty much where I was in my last post, where my face was clear but my neck was swollen with red painful cysts, which is where I am now. But I've kept my hair long to cover most of my neck so it doesn't bother me too much. I'm still on a 60mg dose of Accutane. I've decided as of yesterday to increase my prozac dose from 40mg to 60mg because I still feel anxious, and awkward, and most of all frustrated because of how slow the progres
  5. Me thinkz you is well crazy man. White boy got notin rong wit is skin. Don-t be fooolish! Seriously though, there's nothing wrong with your skin whatjathink, so the skin on your face isn't as smooth as a new born baby's arse but only new born baby's have the skin of a new born baby's arse so that's a facile point. I don't know the ins and outs of BDD but I've looked at case studies, and your probably one, no, the most tragic case I've heard of. Your problem is psychological, don't get caught
  6. goldmund18

    Day 152

    I am still not completely rid of my acne. My face is totally clear which is amazing, but on my neck and back I still have very red and painful cysts. I'm slightly dissapointed that I'm not completely clear of my acne coming up to month 6, but many dermatologists have told me that this is normal and that most people are not completely clear by the end of month 6. I think it is worth keeping in mind that I started on very low doses, 10mg for the first month, 20mg the second, 30 the third, 40 the f
  7. goldmund18

    Day 109

    109 days into my Accutane treatment and I'm still not totally clear. Feeling disappointed but still hopeful for the future at the same time. I have confidence that I will be clear, in only another couple of months I hope. The storm I mentioned a month ago turned out to be a mirage, the storm disappeared. I have increased my dose to 40mg. My skin and lips are even more dry and I'm still getting painful large cysts on my neck but they're smaller, and I don't get so many as frequently as I used to.
  8. This is a thread where I hope people will share music inspirational to them for others. The music has to be joyful and the kind of music that kicks you out of bed in the morning, a little caffeine for the soul, absolutely no lullabies. Rap and Hip-Hop and R&B are all depressing, and bastard forms of Jazz so none of these genres, some Jazz would be appreciated though. Music that suspends you from time, free's you from your diving bell and lets your mind float away from your troubles like a bu
  9. My acne has gotten worse, I've got huge cysts popping up on my neck, everywhere, mostly at the back of my neck, running down my lower back. It hurts like hell to crane my neck side to side. This one cyst I have on the left side of my neck, is coin size, and red, swollen, very painful to touch. Tried to pop it, but nothing really came up, because, it's not really puss-filled, which is weird, getting these cysts that don't have any gunk, so, just leave them alone and they eventually flatten out, g
  10. Went to my dermatology clinic today, saw a new dermatologist who has increased my dose to 30mg a day. My blood reports are all good despite having over-indulged on chocolate and alcohol and cigarettes over the Christmas season. My Acne has significantly improved and so has my confidence, as acne has been a big confidence drainer for me. I still hate my photo being taken and squirm inside under the really strong fluorescent lighting you find in convenience stores. But, I feel a lot more confident
  11. 'maaaaaaaaaate, we should hang out some time maaaaaaaaate, you and me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.' I'm so sorry I got you all wrong maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. Calm down maaaaaaaaaaaaaate, was only having a giggle and shit maaaaaaaaaaaate. Lets go for a few beers some time maaaaaaaaaate, drink untill the early hours maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!
  12. Grind, you've ignored the subtle point that Gabriella is on claravis, which is isotretinoin, and for a lot of people it weakens the liver. You need a liver to drink alcohol, there's a reason why they're are monthly blood checks, to see how your livers functioning while on the medication! I'm not saying that she or anyone in her position shouldn't drink, just cut way down while on the medication. I'm from London and was drinking at 16, now 18. There's a difference between you and me drinking, we
  13. I like this quote because it's a postive thought (though a bit vulgar) when your self-esteem is low. I feel it's important to remember that even the King who sits upon the highest throne has to poop. What more is there to say - the magics in the image. It's easy to get carried away believing that others are more important than us, though we are all equal when it comes to the basic physiological functions of the body. Letting out a cacophony of farts at a dinner party is not the end of the world,
  14. I'm not taking Accutane either but I've still been calling it Accutane, even with my dermatologist, don't think it really matters as most people only remember the most popular brand name of a drug rather than the generic name, it's no big deal. It's like telling people you're on the anti-depressant prozac, but it isn't the brand you're using, but that's what you tell people for convienence because no one has heard of the generic name fluoxetine (just using it as an ex. because I take prozac...I
  15. Alcohols bad (full stop). www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCDnR6Px-co I'm 18. I've been on Accutane for little over a month now and have had to stop drinking. Going on a night out with friends is tough because almost everyone you meet say's 'hey! How come you're not drinking?'. You need a reply like 'I'm a type1 diabetic', maybe, if like me maybe you're embarrassed (had to google for spelling, double r double s ridiculous) to tell them about the medication. Or just tell them, but just try not to drink