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  1. Hi, trust me I know how exactly it feels to be you right now. I used to be in the same situation. I would not go out of the house for days for the way my face looked and hated that gross image everytime i looked at the mirror. I was depressed, and not feeling like doing anything. I refused to go to class, and back then I was still in college. Honestly, I would really recommend you to use Dan's products--cleanser, treatment and moisturizer (also jojoba oil is great in keeping the side effects
  2. Ohh, About the flaking and peeling, did you incorporate jojoba oil into your regimen??? It does wonders, also helps with the irritation caused by BP! You can either do a mask while taking a shower with it or add a couple drops of it in your nightly moisturizer.
  3. Purging is quite prevalent among starters. I would say stick it out if you don't wanna live with acne every single day.
  4. I really don't recommend picking pimples, even gently. cuz doing that actually expose your skin into more breakouts, for you can very likely squeeze the bacteria further down to your skin thus causing more blemishes. I used to double the amount of BP on these areas and they'll usually disappear in two days or so~. I don't like AHA, it caused me to purge BIG TIME. and I absolutely hated it. Please be careful with AHA~ and congrats on getting married~
  5. It really depends on individual tolerance to BP. It took my skin three months or so to get used to it.
  6. Well before your skin gets adjusted to the regimen, which usually takes up to 2 or 3 months, your makeup aint gonna look decent. However, i used makeup throughout the whole regimen till now and the regimen definitely worked for me nonetheless.
  7. I used makeup as well. Neutrogena oil free moisture for sensitive skin is my daytime moisturizer. I add six drops of jojoba oil in it. and my makeup doesn't look caky. still, i use dan's moisturizer at night.
  8. From my experience and what other people have told me so far, the regimen does have a purging effect on your skin. Meaning, crazy breakout. But stick it out, after the purging, your skin is most likely to stop breaking out. the regimen is absolutely amazing!!!
  9. Believe it or not, your blog was my spiritual support in times of desperation. Actually, I decided to be on the regimen mainly because of your detailed record of your journey Now I'm really happy with my skin condition and I can't thank you enough for the inspiration;)
  10. MAKEUP suggestion: I use Maybelline's mineral powder. It works wonder when it comes to concealing any major imperfections. I use Almay's Smart shade foundation, very lightweight and doesn't clog pores. As for the Dryness: I do a jojoba "facial" every night before i go to sleep. Use plenty of jojoba and massage my face gently n leave it on for 5 minutes or so. And I add eight drops of it in my night moisturizer n 6 in daytime. I'm glad to say that I have no flakes for now! Give it a try. About
  11. I tried AHA for a couple of days and then I broke out. Somehow I think that was relevant. I didn't find AHA moisturizing. It somehow just left my skin on the verge of flaking. As if A layer of Dead skin hanging up on my face. I didn't like it and will not give it another shot.
  12. Reducing the amount of BP is only postponing the process. If you really want good skin, adhere to Dan's chart and the flakiness will subsidize later. Jojoba oil is essential