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  1. hi guys...sorry for being on the board so much but my work and study have catched me a lot and I had to cut down a little in this forum ;-) But I didn´t cut down with my skin....not a single day...twice a day...I have never stopped since the day I started... and this is the result... Month 3.5 on the regimen: I left it just as big as it is so you can see my skin so clear that you can even see a crumble of my toast on my upper lip and every single hair in my face... but to show you my re
  2. hi... day 81...week 12: I was clear from 17 of dec until three days ago...so basicly about 2 weeks in a row... my longest acne free period so far...on new years eve I had to put some make up in my face as I might be clear but I still have periods of terrible redness. My face was so red on new years eve and I didn´t want to show myself like this to my friends (this is worse then acne actually...as it hurts) so I put makeup on and looked normal AND completly clear...as all of the red marks are
  3. hi you all, at joker and ohdear: thank you so much for your lovely replies!!! i can still not believe it and i think my magic is happing now...i am STILL CLEAR!!!! I haven´t got a single active pimple in my face I have one red mark on my left cheek (on the pic right side...maybe you find it) but this isn´t a spot...i actually scratched myself there when i was sleeping...i do those things when i sleep i basicly do all the things with my face i would normally never do when i´m awake...s
  4. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!! Of course I give my promised pics now... One is in the harshest light so you can see every remaining spotmark which is still fading away (those pics are the best lightwise and detailwise...I always stand directly in front of the window with my face in the sun...eyes closed): So you can see that I´m clear but ....as I said...the fading marks are still somewhat visible in a certain light... and that´s my skin under more normal roomlight conditions (so basicly I stand
  5. I can´t believe that I´m acutally saying this but I´m still clear! I am 100%ly clear!!! I have no single active spot anymore...still!!! I´m in week number 9...this seems to be my magic week...I can´t believe it...I will post some pics tomorrow when it´s bright... I´m still scared and I don´t know if my clear skin is going to last now....but I can truly say that I´m clear and yesterday was my magic moment: I was out without any makeup (I never wore any makeup anyway as it didn´t sta
  6. Eucerin replenishing Urea 5% replenishing body AND facecreme (I LOVE both) are my heroes! I have tried so many cremes now and some broke me out, some made me dry etc...and everytime I tried a new one I had to go back to Eucerin (and I will stick with it now) as it really is the best. It doesn´t say that it´s non pore clogging but if you actually look at their ingredience list (of the body and the face creme...I even prefer the BODY creme...it´s even tougher and better) they seem to be fine
  7. hi, best is to basicly use the jojobaoil after you washed your face...so that your face is nice and oily when you put the bpo on (believe me> it´s the best way like this as otherwise your skin which is highly irritated in the beginning would be completely left alone with the bpo and your skin gets worse and worse...). so to prodect your skin from even more dryness put the oil on your face before you put the bpo on your face. then you can wait your 15min until you put your moisturiser on yo
  8. day 52: i don´t know what happened within those three days and i´m still quite unsure if this is going to last but...I`M CLEAR is this a trick? is the magic happen now? what happened? i was not clear in 52 days and now i´m clear i have no single active pimple in my face and my marks are not as strongly visible BUT i´ll get my period soon...in a couple of days...so the tough time will come again and let´s see what bpo will have in store for me then. i must say (besides all of the
  9. @FTweekend: hi...thank you so much for your ideas!!!! yes...my moisturser (eucerin replenishing body creme ...yes body...better non-poreclogging ingrediences....urea 5%) is actually pretty if not VERY good!!!! i actually only got my breakouts because i wanted to try other things too (<now my experiments are over...there isn´t anything better then this for me )...for example: cetaphil lotion! it was so bad with the cetaphil lotion for me that i finally took my eucerin creme out again and u
  10. wow....you are an inspiration! you have so much improved!!! your pics look lovely! keep up the good work!!!
  11. hi americaninparis, sounds so great for you yes...this weather is doing a bit of problems for us...the same in london. it´s not only the cold weather ( i actually enjoy having cold wind on my burning face) but the temperature changes...from warm to cold and from cold to warm....dry air etc...it freaks my skin out with irritation too. with the dryness: i realised (lots of unvoluntary selftests ) that not only fat can help but actual moist/water as well...as jojobaoil might get the flakes un
  12. hi ohdear, i can so understand you and we both sit in the same boat. about the cetaphil lotion: i bought it about a week ago as i always want to try new things to find out if they work even better then what i have found already... at the moment i use a combination...for some reason this works wonders (so if i do get red...about once a week...you know my story) i moisturise more often with those products AND jojoba oil. my base creme is eucerin replenishing creme urea 5% BODY cream (<for
  13. Hi americaninparis, thank so much for your ideas! (<bytheway: I use so much jojobaoil that it drops from my cin sometimes...) Yes, this is my new plan: I will not use the full amount anymore as it irritates my skin so much that I break out everytime my skin can´t handle this stress anymore....and I break out at places I never had pimples for 30 years....so basicly my skin is so irritated in the acutal non-spot areas that it does get spots there... yesterday I made the test and "only" mois
  14. Thank you so much FTweekend!!! Your words give me hope as you go through it for longer then me and you can tell where I am on the development-ladder. Yesterday I read lots of posts from people who have been through it or do the regimen much longer then me. I was nerdy enough to actually count the days/weeks/month of the people to find out when they finally improved. For people like me (even if I only have acne at my chin area...it´s still very heavy down there with cystic hormonal pimples..
  15. hi ohdear, thank you so much for your reply...it gives me so much hope and you said just the words i needed... i think i would have said exactly the same things to you...as it is so true! i´m only in week number seven...for most of the people it only actually starts to show any results from this point on...not before ...and as its said that spots take 30-90 days of development it means that mostlikely the acne is only completely gone after 90 days... so still 41 days to go for any hope of c