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  1. your saying to keep on it? i do only apply a small amount... i noticed that i broke out when i had little to no sleep and drank alot for like 4 days cause of some events i went too and also spent some time with my girl lol im thinking thats the cause of the break out and maybe not the finacea gel but who knows -_-
  2. my face is really dry after showering should i wait til my face doesnt feel so tight and dry and then apply my gel and then wait til 10-15 to apply moisturizer ?? or shower...moisturize...wait then apply acne gel? i was told to apply gel before anything... so just wondering ... thanks
  3. well good luck to you i read alot of good things about the gel..ive been on it for exactly 2 weeks i wanna wait til week 4 to decide to continue or get of it... well see how it goes
  4. what kind of allergic reaction did you get ? like a rash or something? ive red online that on the specific gel im using.. once you get past the first 2 weeks it should get better because your face needs to get use to it... ive just read to many great things about this product to give up yet
  5. my derm gave me some finacea gel for my rosacea and acne for the first 4 or 5 days it was going great acne drying my face was less red... tomorrow will be two weeks and my face went crazy broke out in little tiny red dots face is redder... at this point i dont know if i should stop applying the gel or continue on maybe the worse has gone and from this point itll get better ... what should i do??
  6. I went to the derm 2 weeks ago and she gave me a gel for my rosacea called finacea gel the first 4 days or so it was looking like my skin was getting better....well im 2 weeks into now and my skin looks redder and i broke out in alot of small red dots around my cheeks were my rosacea is..... as well as my old red marks have gotten darker ive read that finacea may make you breakout for the first few weeks because your skin is getting use to it? i just dont know if i should stop using it or see i
  7. i had this black bloody pimple (i guess) for a month it wont go away... at first i thought it was a pimple but it just stayed on my face looking like a mole or something it kinda looks bloody and i just got another one on the other side of my face...i have no idea what it is.. a pimple or what???!\\ not the best picture but maybe you can tell what it is from it...
  8. woah thats so fast! glad its working for ya, omg youre going to have like perfect skin really soon at that rate haha yeah ! fingers crossed
  9. i just got AHA+ saturday its only been 3 days and my face looks smoother and my acne marks got lighter and my bumps went down alot ! i only dap a little on and i do it three times a day cause it really doesnt burn my skin, i love this stuff!!
  10. lucky i didnt lol i only put a little of it on anyways, i did buy jojoba oil but it actually did break me out i think..... or it could be just my imagination this was back then when i had alot alot of acne but im too nervous on puttting that stuff back on... im a fan of aloe vera straight from the plant to moisturize at night but that stuff runs out quick cause i like using a fresh piece each time
  11. Well it might fight acne but only if your acne is so incredibly mild that you probably shouldn't be worried about it anyway.. It's main job is to exfoliate your skin, it just happens to also work nicely in fighting acne when used in conjunction with BP. well i have a few pimples and alot of marks but im worried about the purge people been saying when using aha all over so i was planning on spot treating small spots on my face.... i use dans bp as a spot treatment do you think its a good idea
  12. cocobo , would you know what happens if you use AHA+ with out using the regimen?
  13. Im not a fan of moisturizing my face, i never put that shit on my face because its known to break me out, for the most part ive been good with not getting alot of pimples but winter is coming up and my face is getting dry and everytime i come home from work or school and wash my face its really oily cause i guess im producing my own oil cause of how dry my skin is.. if that makes any sense. Anyways I just shaved, and my face felt extremely dry ! so im like what the heck ill put a little moisturi
  14. thank you for your advice, it just strange because i keep reading different things like using it as a moisturizer or a spot treatment ... what do you recommend for my type of skin i have acne marks on my cheeks and a few small pimples, maybe rub a little of it all over my marks and dab a little on my pimples at night only? Like you said use it once for the first week and i guess ill just wash with water morning and night til the second week