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  1. I have done this a few too many times. Posted on acne.org, received fantastic support from friends (you guys included) and family and yet have fallen back into it. But today I have decided to be done. I now have a goal. My birthday is in April and by that point I do not want any active acne. yes, there will be scars but I do not want anything active on my body. And here is what I am starting with. Took these a few minutes ago. It's not terrible but it will certainly
  2. That is a great idea! I will definitely try that. Thank you for your help!
  3. I went for six days without picking and felt great! But this morning I relapsed and feel terrible. But the trouble was that I could not remove the urge to quickly get rid of the pressure underneath my skin created by my acne. Any suggestions of a replacement action to replace this relief of pressure? I have started to workout and am currently boxing and this helps. But I still have trouble keeping my hands off my face. Thank you for your time and help! Have a good day and a great tomorrow!
  4. Thanks dmb41, I'm not really a fan of toothpicks but perhaps chewing on gum would be a suitable replacement.
  5. Soooo, I finally decided to truly go out and stop picking yesterday. I have been pick free but I every time I look in the mirror (to brush my teeth or otherwise) the urge to pick has grown increasingly bad. I understand that this is probably normal as this was my stress creator and reliever and a boredom habit. any suggestions on how to soothe the urges? I have also recently quit biting my nails which used to be my soother but not I'm determined to quit both so I'm looking for some good sugg
  6. sigh. today went okay till tonight. i had a few painful zits and i picked everything. i have to get back on track. fighting fighting fighting
  7. I picked again today. not as bad as yesterday. But i think the best thing for me is to set small time intervals of no picking. Like tonight after i showered i only touched my skin for like a half second and then proceeded to not pick. So I went well tonight. My goals tomorrow are to not pick before school, before dance, or after dance. And the ultimate goal for this week is to not pick all the way to prom on saturday night. wish me luck. fighting fighting fighting
  8. Picked again. I think its because I'm up so late. I need to make a go to bed before 11 policy. And i need to keep my eyes on the prize. complexion perfection. fighting fighting fighting
  9. Picked more than I have in a few weeks. but my face was looking great! only minor whiteheads and blacksheads. I have a lot to look forward to. fighting fighting fighting
  10. picked in the morning. a tad this evening but was able to walk away from the mirror without any damage before bed. a great improvement fighting fighting fighting
  11. I have been on the regimen for around a month now. I also use the jojoba oil at night. I am noticing that my skin is not dry but is still flaking and rubbing off somehow. I was looking at something to exfoliate my skin but i wasnt sure if Dan's AHA would do the trick. This flaky skin is kinda causing me to freak about my skin. Please help
  12. i picked a fair amount, but not severly. Im very stressed about my upcoming testing. I need to get more aha aas well. Fighting fighting fighting
  13. Computers been wack so I havnt been able to post. Things are going really well! My face isn't perfect for sure but it looks a heck of a lot better. Can't wait till I really start getting clear!
  14. went better than yesterday. thats all i can try to do. full head of steam straight ahead to success. Also i am training myself to not examine my face with my hands by raising them above my head everytime i do. i will let you know how it works.
  15. I wish I had an hour to the end of my day. generally I dont get home until around 10 o'clock at which time I am exhausted so picking unfortunately is my hour break :/ so instead homework or a book would be a great alternative