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  1. in 4 days i'll be ending on 2 months going into my 3rd month. been on using 80mg a day. every time i completely clear with no actives. the next day 3-4 big ones come out. so far its a endless cycle. 1 comes 1 goes. i've even had 1's that come back on the exact same spot which is kinda annoying. the way i see it from what i see is everyone that has been successful with accutane seems to look very good at month 5. i try not to think about it, as much as i hate looking at people face to face. im ju
  2. nice that you're clearing up. i was slowly clearing up after the ib. went to the derm and not a single active. BOOM the next day i got 3 huge actives. discouraging. almost 2 months for me now
  3. i've been on accutane for 2 months almost. i went for a derm visit a few days ago and he prescribed me tretinoin cream to get rid of the white/black heads. is it ok to do both at the same time? i can't find anything using google search that talks about the two being used together. is anyone else using this combination? note: i search came up with a similar thread and everyone on the thread says not to use it. seems weird my derm would prescribe me it right now. bit skeptical.
  4. I asked my derm if it was ok to smoke pot while on tane. I told him I smoked "occasionally" he said it's fine. He kinda promoted it actually haha. Said it would help me ignore my drying skin. I smoke everyday.
  5. Maybe u don't have to wait so long to get prescription. I had a derm appointment on Friday, did my blood test on Monday and then fri again derm appointment and got my prescription. Unless it's different in Canada.