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  1. Just finished week 2. So far my face has been acting similarly to when I had a "clear spell." Basically I have the little tiny whiteheads on various places on my face, but the only cysts are two on my chin. My face looks more even colored. Downsides, my face gets more and more dry every day. Its not super bad but it does get stiff if I don't moisturize well enough. My daily moisturizer/sunblock is not enough and my face feels almost worse after I put them on. My lips are super chapped and pee
  2. Shoeboxhero

    November 1, 2010- Day 8

    I just finished my first week on Claravis at 20mg twice a day. I'm hesitant to assume this is a miracle drug although I haven't had any new cysts develop in the past week and the ones I had that literally have not gone away in years are starting to go down and feel like normal skin. My first side effects kicked in on day three, with a little bit of dryness in my eyes and on my face. Also I had a bad experience with Ketchup- apparently the sensitivity has kicked in on my lips. After putting ou
  3. Shoeboxhero

    October 25th 2010-Day 1

    Day One I am about to start my first blister pack of Claravis, the generic for Accutane. Right now I have combination oily skin with cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. I also have the small pimples that come up almost instantly as white heads and go away fairly quickly and black heads. Overall, my face is not as bad as it could be as I am on birth control and that has helped a lot. The reason I chose to go on Claravis is because the cystic acne I have is very painful, never fu