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  1. Hooray. Thanks for adding, I feel honored. =)

    1. did you have redmarks? and if you did, did they fade any faster while off the treatment??and thanks for the advice on cold water, i took a colder shower yesterday after a run and it felt a lot less irritated. unfortunately about the marathon its already set in stone...im sort of concerned but i think ill be able to pull through with a little more training....HOPEFULLY haha;)
    2. Benjamin M.P

      Day 11

      Hey Kaz2y5!! ahh i feel like day 11 was yesterday...let me tell you what to expect right about now... you are probably going to break out like crazy! and it will subside really quickly! so don't fret! your pimples come and go like no tomorrow when you're on the stuff. when i was a couple weeks in i started feeling discouraged because its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel! haha, DONT stop taking it once youve started. thats the one and only thing that will prevent you from getting th
    3. Im so happy to hear of your progress!!! I'm just now feeling a little better about the whole thing, im really getting over that initial breakout hump(no more breakouts, really!!) check out my blog!!I really believe that month 3 is where things start to take effect. for me it was towards the end of it, beginning month 4 but i think its different for everybody, y aknow?? what do you think about the do nothing regimen as the intensity of the dryness increases?? i used to wash my face with a gentle
    4. hope your progress is coming along!!! let me know!! benjamin
    5. Hey everybody sorry its been awhile since my last post(not that any of you guys really read this anyway) haha... ok so heres the deal...i've got quite a lot to say now.. I am on day 106.. half way through my 4th month. WHOA! time really moves when you get to the third month... My acne has improved drastically, i currently have no acne on my back or shoulders and only a couple pimples on my face, but they aren't very noticeable. I have some red marks that still kinda bother me but i think
    6. If you want the CURE for acne which this website refuses to show, email [email protected]

      The reason why it cannot be shown on this site is because they KEEP removing IT !! :@ Acne is caused by the lymphatic system, liver impairment, parasites, poor blood, damaged intestinal flora and drugs/alcohols, etc. Spread the word!

      1. oh lord day 80... im not feeling great... more breakouts. red marks wont go away... breakouts by my mouth THE WORST KIND... i just want this shit to be over. im seeing my derm tomorrow...blood tests and shit.. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck maybe my skin looks better to otehr people?? fuck if i know... it doesnt look good to me. 3 more months before the end of my course. that is unless my derm wants to extend my treatment. still 10 days till i finish month 3. i hope this is the miracle month
      2. HEY ELLY! thanks for writing on my blog! anti-biotics and accutane?? should be fine:) if you start to feel bad just stop. your dermatlogist knows best:D the inital breakout can be pretty rough mine lasted about 2 and a half months! you should post pictures of your progress i wanna see!! i think ill do the same:) ill check back in on you later!!
      3. wow yeah when my face got really dry it would itch pretty bad! im now using this great moisturizer called CeraVe moisturizing cream, and i also using the hydrating cleanser. i like cetaphil alot but i think CeraVe is a little higher quality(although its a tad more money) goodluck with accutane! Im gonna come back to your blog to see how youre doing, feel free to stop by mine if you have the time;)
      4. goodluck dave! im on this stuff too, just closed up my 2nd month. the first 8weeks were kinda rough but i think its gonna get better from here... hopefully?? haha
      5. goodluck with accutane! I'm on it now andi just closed up my second month(day 62) and within those 8 weeks i felt like my acne got progressively worse. i dunno i was on 45mg the first month and 60mg on the second month(still on 60) i hope to have good results like alot of these other people!but hey keep me posted!! ill check in on you to see your progress, feel free to check my blog if you have the time
      6. whoa!! im right about where you are just closed up my second month and onto my third! I haven't noticed too much progress, ive been feeling kinda down about all of it. My dosage is 60 mg a day, which is higher than what i started out on(45mg).I just hope to see more results soon because i heard the first 2 months are hell and then its suppse to get better...right? hahadang well congrats on the results! Im gonna keep an eye on you to see if you're doing well on accutane. I could use some advice a
      7. Benjamin M.P

        Day 8

        Heyyy just know I'm on accutane too, its been kinda rough so far, but you seem really optimistic!! I just closed my 2nd month, and im not gonna lie things are going pretty rough:/ i joined this Acne.org in hopes that people would follow me or like help me out, but im not really getting any comments feels like im kinda alone. anyway im gonna keep lookin out to see your prgress:D
      8. Hey there! I'm on accutane too, its been kinda rough so far, but you seem really optimistic!! haha well I just closed my 2nd month, and im not gonna lie things are going pretty rough:/ i joined this Acne.org in hopes that people would follow me or like help me out, but im not really getting any comments and i feel kinda like im doing this whole thing alone which sucks. anyway im gonna follow you and see how your progresss goes:)