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  1. Hey, guys! I know it's been forever since I've updated on these forums. I'm super happy to say that I mostly have my adult acne under control. However, I definitely still get hormonal breakouts every month. They never get too bad anymore, but honestly that's because I've finally found out how to properly spot treat whiteheads! So, I found this product called Dots. They're hydrocolloid blemish patches that you're supposed to put on before you go to bed and sleep with them. So, that's what I di
  2. Peaches0042

    When Nothing Else Worked, Estroblock Did

    When Nothing Else Worked, Estroblock Did

    I had to come on here today and sing my praises for Estroblock. Let me give you a quick background of my skin as well as the things I have tried. To read solely about Estroblock, just skip to paragraph 3 ;) My young teenage years were blessed with beautiful, clear skin. I was constantly getting complimented on it as I never saw a blemish. However, that all changed between age 17 and 18 when I developed oily skin and cystic acne. They were the deep, massive sores that are impossible to
  3. Peaches0042

    1 Month + 27 Days

    I went ahead and decided to ditch the Clarisonic for a week or so. It's nearly been two months and there's no real evidence of it doing anything! I don't feel it's helped with redness, scars, breakouts or anything. Well, it does remove makeup like a boss, but so does my homemade makeup remover. The breakout I got this week consists of one pretty large pimple on my forehead that is simply big and red. No head yet. I also have two red pimples on my right jaw and one small, inflamed clogged pore
  4. Peaches0042

    After 1 Year And 1 Month...

    I have been using Retin A for 1 year and 1 month. It cleared me up really nicely. Better than anything in the past ever has. However, I was never completely clear. I would still breakout and pretty consistently have 1 or 2 mild pimples. Of course, that wasn't good enough for me so I tried to add to my regimen and ended up breaking out from it. I don't remember when that was, but my skin hasn't been quite as good since. (I know, I hate myself for being too greedy). Anyways, my skin is going th
  5. Peaches0042

    Second Month, Third Week On Trinessa

    The breakout continues. I've only been on Trinessa birth control (generic of Ortho tri cyclen) for 7 weeks, one week short of two months, and I think I see a pattern of breaking out the week before my period. It's not HORRIBLE, two little whiteheads on my upper cheekbone, one clogged pore near my nose on the right side, a trail of three small pimples on my ride side as well, and two big ones under my nose, above my lip, which I NEVER breakout there. Those two are the biggest, reddest and most
  6. Peaches0042

    Day 52

    So, it is Thursday, middle of week 8 and, as badly as I don't want to jinx myself, I have some exciting news! I am 99% clear! It has also been exactly one week since I started taking the peppermint oil. Coincidence? I think not. I think it's doing an absolutely outstanding job at blocking excess testosterone and the formation of DHT, which is the root cause of oily skin. I'm still a little oily but it doesn't bother me. Since oily skinned folks age slower than any other skin types, I don't m
  7. Peaches0042

    Day 49 - Beginning Of Week 8

    Today starts week 8! Yay for perseverance! On thursday of last week, so, 4 days ago, I began taking peppermint oil to try to help my oily skin. I've read many things about people drinking spearmint and peppermint tea and how it acts as an anti-androgen and thus helps keep oil production in check. Lots of people have had success with the teas and so I thought I'd try the oil (I hate tea). It's said that a therapeutic grade peppermint oil, in one drop, is as powerful as 24 cups of tea. So, I'
  8. Peaches0042

    Day 45 - Middle Of Week 7

    I'm slowly approaching the two month mark! I'm so proud of myself for being patient and faithful to my regimen, even though I'm not yet seeing amazing results. I expect this, I know retin A can take a long time to work. The thing is, I never know when the results are going to start showing up as it's different for everyone. From what I've read, some people get over the week 8 hump and things just clear up! For others, it takes them beyond 6 months to really be satisfied. Anyways, I'm approa
  9. Peaches0042

    Day 38

    So I'm halfway through my 6th week now and my regimen is as follows: Morning: Cleanse with Cerave Hydrating Cleanser (REALLY calms the redness in my face and keeps me from getting dry at all) Evening: Remove makeup with Cerave Foaming Cleanser then do a double wash with the Hydrating Cleanser and my Clarisonic Mia. Wait 30 minutes then apply Retin A gel .05%. My skin goes back and forth with being very oily. Some mornings I wake up looking all balanced then, this morning, I was a gr
  10. Peaches0042

    Day 32

    I'm in my fifth week of treatment. Of course, I am still breaking out some. HOWEVER! My breakouts now consist only of small whiteheads, 80% not even inflamed. I have two inflamed pimples, one that is still forming on my chin and one on my forehead that should be in recovery. Even so, they are not near as big or painful or long lasting as my breakout during week 2 and 3. Other than that I have, I think, 3 tiny little non-inflammed whiteheads that I'm just leaving alone and they should be gone in
  11. Peaches0042

    Day 23

    I just wanted to make a quick update and say that the remaining blemishes I had on my face are healing rather quickly. My face is even less red/inflamed looking and, so far, I don't see any new pimples. I had a tiny whitehead on both my chin and my forehead and they basically disappeared overnight without any kind of treatment. I'm seeing great improvement in just the past 3 days! Getting excited...! P.S. I have no peeling or dryness, on the contrary, I feel my face is a bit more o
  12. Peaches0042

    Week 4

    It's hard to believe I am starting my fourth week on my regimen. Thankfully, time has flown by thus far. That's always a good thing when it comes to new acne treatments. My current regimen is simple. In the morning I wash my face with Cerave Foaming Cleanser and apply the Cerave PM moisturizer (I wanted to love the AM moisturizer but the SPF broke me out!). Every night, I double cleanse using my Clarisonic Mia with the normal head brush (still intending to buy the acne brush) and my trusty C
  13. Peaches0042

    Running The Rat Race

    Like all of you, I've run the acne rat race for several years. Like you, I have tried so many treatments it would be impossible to list them all. I have spent all my free time researching, experimenting, testing and learning about my specific type of acne. I've found things that work and I've found things that work against me. I feel I finally have enough knowledge to put an end to it all. I've been clear before. Birth control kept my face flawless for several months. Unfortunately, it no longer
  14. Peaches0042


    So I've been off my Clarisonic for..this is probably my 5th day. At first, like I said, it seemed to be a good thing. However, I am going through a pretty bad breakout right now but I have no idea if it's from the Clarisonic or not. I have four pimples on my forehead (two new, two healing) and four on my right side all along my smile line. Then I have two clogged pores on the left side of my mouth. The new pimples that are forming are very small, yet irritating, and they are all RIGHT NEXT to th
  15. Peaches0042

    1 Month + 24 Days

    So, within a single day of using straight rose hip seed oil on my skin I got a breakout. I did more research and found that that oil is actually not recommended for acne-prone skin, though it is excellent for scars. So, I am not currently using that oil anymore. Also, I've changed my carrier oil to Tamanu Oil. It's supposedly one of the top oils for curing skin issues, everything from wrinkles to hyperpigmentation to acne. I've been using that for 4 days now. Obviously, I have not noticed a diff
  16. Peaches0042

    1 Month + 11 Days

    As far as acne goes, my face is extremely tolerable. I almost always have one or two small whiteheads on my face but they generally go away within a few days on their own and are easily coverable with makeup. I'm very pleased with my progress and will continue my regimen. My face is wonderfully smooth and soft. It is balanced, never feeling too tight or too oily. My makeup blends into my face easily and, with a single layer of foundation, I quite enjoy my complexion. My real enemy now is hu
  17. Peaches0042

    1 Month

    It's been two weeks to the day since my last entry, so I guess that makes today the one month mark! Yay! Acne has definitely improved. I was even clear for a few days but have just begun a new breakout. Mild, yet irritating. Forehead is clear, 1 pimple on my hairline on the right side, 1 healing pimple on my chin and 2 pimples by my nose on my left side. These two pimples, which would be small on their own, are forming 1 large pimple. I hate when that happens. I'm applying heat to try to co
  18. Peaches0042

    For The First Time In Forever...

    If ya'll haven't seen the new Disney movie, Frozen, yet, go now! It's amazing. I say this because the title to my post is in reference to one of their songs haha. Anyways! This is the third blog I've started regarding my acne. If you want a full back story, read my two other blogs and you'll get all caught up. But this isn't to inform anyone, simply to help me keep track of any progress. You see, I've realized that the one thing I haven't tried for my acne is to STICK WITH A REGIMEN. For
  19. Peaches0042

    It's Hard

    I truly believe I finally know what gives me acne. I've spent years and years researching and learning, and now I feel I have the toosl I need to overcome this monster. It's so hard though, probably the hardest cure I could discover because it means giving up so much food that I love. and I'm such a big food lover!! I become addicted to sugar. It's crazy. If I have a little, I just can't stop! And for weeks I try to wean myself off because it just becomes a landslide. For example, I
  20. Peaches0042

    This Is It

    I know how to be clear. For me, it's all about avoiding dairy and maintaining a low glycemic diet. I'm including lots of fruits and veggies into my diet as well as supplementing with cod liver oil, the expensive fermented kind from green pastures. Today is day one. I'm tires of this. I now know how to control my acne. Now it's only a matter of self control.
  21. Peaches0042

    Week 6

    My cruise was amazing and my skin was just as great! I was clear the entire time. However, I do have some slightly scary news. I had dairy on the cruise, every day, and never broke out. I'm reeeally hoping my skin clearing isn't actually the BC finally kicking in because I've completely stopped it now. But now that I'm back home I'm back to my no dairy diet and healthy eating. Last time it took a month before my skin broke out after stopping BC, so I'm gonna give in another month or two
  22. Peaches0042

    Week 4

    Whaat?! It's been a month since starting my new regimen? That's amazing ha. So, for a quick update, skin is looking great! I'm clear today! For a deeper look, read along... I have been completely milk, cheese, yogurt (any direct dairy) free for 4 weeks. Ok, I've had a few slip ups and almost every time, the very next day I have a new pimple or cyst. Same goes for when I completely overdosed on junk food one day. I have been eating very small amounts of processed foods that contain
  23. Peaches0042

    Week 3

    I applied heat to that cyst on and off on saturday and by the end of the day it came to a head! A lot of heat, I've found, is the best solution for a cyst. So I popped and cleaned it and it was a little smaller by the next day when I was able to pop it again. Today, it's smaller still but red. I did have some cheese dip on Saturday, but not too much, and I've had no new breakouts so that's a relief. So far, it seems I only get a breakout/cyst if I over do the junk food or dairy at one sitting. A
  24. Peaches0042

    No Dairy But Junk Food

    It's Saturday and I woke up with a small cyst on my right cheek, close to the one that's just finishing healing. Yesterday I didn't have any dairy but I did have a significant amount of junk food. My hubby and I went to the movies and I got a corn dog, dots and a root beer and ate everything haha. Other than that I had homemade spice muffins for breakfast and some pretzels dipped in peanut butter and grapes for lunch. So perhaps that's where it came from. I haven't eaten a few things that inclu
  25. Peaches0042

    Halfway Through Week Two

    So I posted about how my weekend binge sent me into a breakout. After that day I had one more pimple barely begin to form and it was zapped with a little acne medicine (which is rare lol). I also popped and cleaned/treated the biggest zit I got on my left cheek. I did that last night and it looks much better this morning. I have been dairy free, once again for 3 days (this is my 3rd day, so two full days), and once again, the redness and inflammation I received over the weekend has drastical