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When Nothing Else Worked, Estroblock Did
I had to come on here today and sing my praises for Estroblock. Let me give you a quick background of my skin as well as the things I have tried. To read solely about Estroblock, just skip to paragraph 3 ;) My young teenage years were blessed with beautiful, clear skin. I was constantly getting complimented on it as I never saw a blemish. However, that all changed between age 17 and 18 when I developed oily skin and cystic acne. They were the deep, massive sores that are impossible to cover. I was never without a handful on my face. I am now 28. 10 years later, I was more oily than ever with huge pores, uneven skin tone, constant redness, hyper pigmentation, and continual breakouts that could occur anywhere. Forehead, cheeks, chin, it didn't matter. 1 month into Estroblock, and I believe I've finally found my "cure". Over the years, I have done EXTENSIVE research on acne. I have tried just about everything, including over the counter products, prescriptions, and ... Read More

By Peaches0042,