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    Day 1

    Waking up this morning I yawned and I could feel the painful pimples on my face that I had picked yesterday. I immediately wanted to pick more at them but when I looked at them in the mirror I talked to myself out loud and told myself that it would only make things worse. I read about talking to yourself in the Chill Out section of this website and I believe that it really helps. Also, when I had the urge to pick in front of the mirror I had to keep my hands busy. ANything helps as long as you'r
  2. So ever since I can remember I have always picked my skin. When I was little I would pick at scabs or my nails and I eventually had to go to a therapist even at a very young age. I set up a picking chart and I would wear socks on my hands because I would give myself scars by picking so much. When I started getting acne my picking got really bad. I almost always had a zit to be popped in middle school and once I get started picking it's almost impossible for me to stop. Now I am out of high schoo