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  1. I'm borderline hypo, and have some of the symptoms, although my acne is cleared up completely. Two years ago my TSH was .8. This year it was 4.3-which is within range of the old range of .5 - 5. But a few years ago the medical establishment changed the normal range to .3 - 3, so according to that scale my TSH is above normal. The only thing I've done differently between the two tests was I upped my intake of soy. Like I was eating some form of soy just about every day. Also, I stopped using Iodi
  2. If you decide to extract them, use an extractor tool that has been disinfected and make sure your hands and face are very clean.
  3. I chose to take beta carotene instead because it is a far safer form of vitamin A. I've taken as much as 50,000 IUs of beta carotene. Now that my acne is under control and I just want to control my oiliness, I take 25,000 IUs 5 days a week. It does a really nice job of keeping my oil down without overly drying my skin.
  4. It's definitely a type of comedone. They kind of sound like sebaceous filaments--google that and see if it sounds like your problem. For me, retin a gel and beta carotene supplements helped alot with this problem. The retin a helps skin turnover cells without plugging pores and beta carotene can reduce sebum production in some people.
  5. Same here. I use Retin A gel and still need an exfoliant to do away with the flakes. Baking soda is the best exfoliator I've ever used. Sometimes I'll use it alone, sometimes with a cleanser. I always follow up with a vinegar water solution (like 25%-50% vinegar) to balance ph. Actually I use the vinegar water after everytime I wash, because even just that disturbs the skin's acid mantle. Also, sometimes I'll just use the vinegar water as a refresher in the middle of the day. It really lightens
  6. What I found is that yes, black heads will eventually go away on their own even though sometimes it can take a while for them to work themselves out, but the longer they stay in the pore-the more they stretch it out of shape--for me. I've found that my pores respond to the way I treat them. If I keep them nice and cleaned out and "exercise" them by forcing them to contract using ice daily and homemade clay masks a couple times a week-for me they really look their best that way. Which is alot be
  7. I'm going to bump this thread because I think thyroid issues may be a really overlooked issue when it comes to acne. I am borderline hypothyroid. I've never been overweight, but over the years I've had alot of the other symptoms, including acne. My sister has hypothyroidism to a degree way more severe than mine and she has always been overweight, and she had problems with adult acne. When I was in my mid 20s, I went to a naturopath that told me for the first time that I was borderline hypo, put
  8. hmmm......I don't know. I feel like if you use long needles that get into the skin kinda deep, the topical products don't matter so much because you are really stimulating your body's own collagen production at a pretty deep level. But maybe if you use shorter needles like 1.0 and smaller, the topical products matter more because by rolling at a more superficial level, you aren't so much stimulating deep collagen production as you are enabling your skin to better absorb topicals. I've been roll
  9. I'll have a big green salad every day with beans and sunflower seeds on it for extra protein with a vinegar and evoo dressing. Also, I try to work plenty of veggies in with meals. I'll have a good amount of lightly steamed vegetables with dinner. And with lunch I'll try to work in lots of raw veggies there too, like if I'm having a sandwich or enchiladas or whatever, I'll use lots of veggies as garnish and toppings. With breakfast I try to work in a little bit of fruit. I really love raw parsle
  10. I use baking soda to exfoliate with about once a week, then follow with a vinegar/water solution. I really like it. In fact I use the vinegar water daily after I wash. I also don't have any active acne anymore either-so I don't know if that makes a difference.
  11. I take beta carotene supplements on top of eating lots of raw and lightly steamed vegetables, and it really keeps my oil in check. I find that when my pores are producing less sebum, they appear to shrink a bit. Beta carotene is the safer form of vitamin A. Your liver takes in the beta carotene and converts it to vitamin A slowly, so you can't overdose on it easily like with taking vitamin A sups for acne. Also, even though my facial acne is gone except for very rare mild breakouts, the pores o
  12. My acne started when I was 12 years old back in the late 80s early 90s. My parents took me to a pediatrician who then referred me to a dermatologist. All the guy did was prescribe topicals and antibiotics that didn't work. Most of them were in cream and lotion form that I came to find out years later actually break me out worse. They wanted to put me on accutane-which I wouldn't do because of the side effects and risks. I just had a really bad feeling about that drug and wouldn't take it. He als
  13. It's kind of weird. Constipation isn't what 'caused' acne for me per se, but it definitely contributed and worsened the problem. Now that my acne is pretty much gone, except for really rare breakouts-I still notice that my skin just looks nicer when I'm regular, and for me that's at least one dump daily. But then I also eat alot of raw veggies and green salads for the beta carotene that reduces my oily skin--and all of that stuff helps move things along pretty regular.
  14. Yeah. I've definitely noticed the correlation between not crapping well and acne. I have to eat a big green salad everyday. The fiber keeps waste moving out and the beta carotene gets turned into vitamin A by the liver, which in turn helps lower sebum production.
  15. Some people are sensitive to refined and concentrated sugars. Larry Thiele has a good website about his experience and research into how sugar affects acne in many people. Ten years ago, I followed his free plan that he gives out on his website and my acne improved like 75%. Oh and the only upside I ever saw to acne was learning who your friends really are.