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  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for messaging me (still not really sure how this website works... ^-^)! Basically, I'm just having trouble clearing up red marks/scarring. The scarring is pretty minimal I think (hard to tell with the red marks), but I was wondering if you used any particular method to help speed along the process! Thanks again!

    1. Scarlett0


      WHOOPS! It's been two years...I had been off Acne.org for a while, I'm so sorry!

      Red marks I would definitely say the BP regimen because it has a "peeling" effect, same with Salicylic Acid. I used to cover up my red marks with Neutrogena Skin Clearing makeup and it has Salicylic Acid 0.5%, and I feel like that contributed as well. I wouldn't recommend doing anything more extreme than a BP 5% or Salicylic Acid 0.5% because it jeopardizes your skin to be more pr...

    2. Scarlett0


      prone to acne from the dryness and you'll soon end up with problems more than just red mark scars.

  2. Hey there! I saw you commented on my picture and I thought I replied to your comment but I don't see it anywhere so I'll see if this works. It seems like you're having a lot of trouble dealing with your skin and it also sounds like we have a similar skin type and I know how it feels like so if you have any questions, please let me know!

  3. Hi!! Thanks for posting about your regimen! I just wanted to share my success with using EVOO for those interested in trying it: I guess I started using EVOO as a cleanser around the same time and it has 100% (seriously) cleared up all of the "underground" acne that I had (a 3-4 deep nodules on one cheek and 2 on the other). I had these bumps for MONTHS and massaging with olive oil somehow cleared them all. I still get breakouts (I guess there really is no cure), but they are much much smaller
  4. ssarahh

    scars + many many redmarks

    wow, so scary actually putting up pictures......
  5. EXACTLY. I feel like I'm in too deep!!! Haha, sounds extreme, but sooo true.
  6. Hey guys, Normally when I have an acne related question I just roam around on these boards for awhile, but I finally am in need of a direct response. So, I started using the DK Regimen since July. Since then I started getting mild cystic acne (tiny lumps under the skin that hang around foooooorever). The right side of my face--which used to be the clear side--became really bad in August. Think tons of whiteheads, cysty lump things and redness redness redness. Now, I am kind of getting clea