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  1. pololuvr

    Before And After (Bp Only Nightly)

    This is amazing!!! Your scars look so good, they're minimal. You look so handsome I just want to pinch your cheeks haha. keep up the work
  2. Hey guys. So in nov of 2010 I started doing the regimen. It was literally life changing, I saw results within a week! I never had acne while I was in high school. My first semester of college I broke out like crazy but it was never really severe. At my worst I'd say my skin was about 60% covered. My T zone and temples have always been clear, I mostly get them on my cheeks. I tried proactive, neutrogena, dermalogica and nothing really worked. I found the regimen & started doing my own version
  3. pololuvr

    amazing cleanser for dry skin!!!

    ILoveMyPuppy - i've been using the Aveeno Gentle Foaming Cleanser which I really like put it's not so great for removing make up. Speaking of which, how are you liking your Mabelline foundation? I want to switch to mineral but I want to do my research first. Is it good coverage? I get really rosy and my scars are purple so I want something that can cover that but nothing heavy or cakey. ashley is hxc!~*~ yeah i guess that is pretty funny...
  4. Hey guys I'm in love with this product and thought I'd share. I've been on the regimen for almost 2 months now and though it's been working great, the dryness and flakiness is ruining my life. The jojoba oil helps with dryness but the flakiness reappears. Since exfoliators are a no no I've had no way of getting rid of this dead skin until now. I've been using the Boots Botanics face nourishing cleanser and it is AMAZING!!! It's 80% organic and doesnt have sulfates or any of that. It's a waterles
  5. pololuvr

    has a pump, fragrance free, soft, noncomedogenic I guess it's "pricey" but it's worth it for clear face This is an extremely soft and gentle cleanser. It is probably the best you can get at a drug store. Glycerin is the second ingredient and it doesn't seem to have SLS although it doesn't say it's sulfate free. It's a foam so you don't have to work it in your hands. This is definitely my holy grail.
  6. pololuvr

    light, moisturizing, pump dispenser, unscented none I was searching for an oil free moisturizer and I'm so glad I gave this a go. It's so light and soft, I love how my skin feels when I use it. I use the 10% persa-gel from C&C and it dries out my face very badly. In the morning I mix equal parts of this and the BP, at night I apply a layer of BP, let it dry, then I use this lotion with a drop of jojoba oil so it can moisturize during the night and it totally works. I get the store brand whic