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  1. The reason why i bring this topic up is because it doesn't feel normal taking accutane right after you eat. I've taken oral antibiotics for 2 years prior to accutane and my derm, as well as the directions said to take the pill an hour before eating or 2 hours after eating. Yet i'm still getting mixed answers from people. I hear you're supposed to take accutane with something fatty like a PB&J sandwich, which I have been doing thus far. I also asked my derm about this and he said no, you
  2. Done with month 1(40mg- 20mg twice a day) and moving onto month 2 going to 60mg(30mg twice a day). My face is the worst it's ever been in my life currently. Huge deformed nodules everywhere on my face. Check out my latest post and you can read more in depth. My question for you guys is if I'll break out even more by going up to 60 or will the accutane start kicking in more to stop my IB. I'm so fed up right now, it hurts so much physically and mentally! So far my lips are noticeably drie
  3. What type of moisturizer do you use zach? My derm told me to use Cerave PM at night and Cerave AM in the morning, but i rarely use the AM because i'm not in the sun much because i try to stay in. It also feels weird when i put moisturizer on a huge painful nodule because i feel like i need something to dry it out instead of moisturizing it. Thank you!
  4. Hello, So i am nearing the end of month 1(day 28) on accutane and my face is disgusting. I don't even know how to count how many nodules or cysts i have. My whole face hurts like hell even when i don't touch it. I have so many huge nodules on my forehead, jawline, around my mouth, and cheek bones. I seriously don't want to go out at all, but that's not an option because i'm in college. It hurts so much when i wash my face and dry my face. I've been using emu oil since week 1 because i
  5. Dude I'm like in the same position you're in. I'm on day 13 and i'm breaking out horribly in spots that were smooth before. I have so many huge cyst and nodules now combined with hyperpigmentation from olders ones. I start school next week and this is horrible. My lips are also noticeably drier as well, but not extremely dry like i've heard others experience eventually and my face is still really oily. I have an appointment with my derm this thursday(day 15) and i'm going to ask him if there
  6. Hey everyone, Thanks everyone for all the advice! Can't wait to have non-oily skin and a clear face.
  7. Hello, As of now i am on my 11th day on accutane and i havn't noticed any side effects other than my lips have become noticeably drier, but not extremely dry yet like other's have complained about. I was just wondering when will my face dry up? Is there an approximate time range where all of you experienced your face drying up? I actually want it to dry up so i know the tane is starting to kick it. I've had really oily skin ever since i've had acne and currently the oil level is the same as
  8. For some people it takes them 2 cycles of accutane to cure their acne. So yes it is perfectly fine to take it again.
  9. Hello Castro, Just a tip that my ex gf taught me. It is so smart, but a little unappealing at first. haha anyway instead of wasting all your money on small oil blotting sheets. Use toilet seat covers! They work so well! One sheet for my entire face is perfect. I just bring my backpack into a clean restroom at school and steal one and put it in my backpack. It lasts for months!!!
  10. So how exactly do we join this? Just post? lol Anyway hello everyone! I went to my derm last thurs and basically told him i had enough and antibiotics weren't working for me anymore, as well as topicals. I told him I've wasted hundreds of dollars without the results i've been seeking and asked to be put on accutane. He said i've been really persistent and have done everything i was asked to and he agreed to put me on. I was surprised because my derm is really against it and i actually found
  11. Hello, I'm about to start accutane this week once i see my derm again. I weigh about 130-135 and he told me he'd put me on 20mg/twice a day so 40mg/ a day. Reading how you're 160, this might have been the problem. On one of the main posts on the accutane section I read that you must calculate your weight in KG's which is (your weight)x(0.4536). So for you it would be 160x0.4536, which is about ~72kg's. Which means you should be taking about 72mg's of accutane a day. I'm going to ask my der
  12. Thank you for posting this. I have been looking into this diet for about a week, but I am currently on antibiotics and Wai says I need to be off of them for 2 weeks before I start the diet. I am eager to start now, should I just stop the antibiotics or finish the rest? It is clear that my antibiotics have stopped working. Also where is wai's forum? I checked on the website and the page doesn't exist for doesn't work. Thanks a lot!
  13. Hello, I've always visited this website and read posts from people, but finally decided to make an account because I need emotional support atm and advice from anyone willing to help and share their stories, whether they're successful or not. I have been a long time sufferer from acne since the age of 14. I first began getting acne my Freshman year of highschool. I had regular pimples on my cheeks, chin, nose, etc. Than a year later it began getting intolerable so I decided to tryout Proact