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  1. yes, the carley's line is MORE than worth the small amount of cash...when i began using it it worked alright until i started to use it twice a day instead of once...i also use their finishing soap for my body and my face if i need to wash in the middle of the day, like after a workout... i have mild to moderate acne, depending on my body's mood, that loves to play the whitehead game, but using carley's and jojoba oil i've become spoiled...if i see a extremely tiny pimple i'm like "damn't" but
  2. yes, it works just as well on the brown marks as it does the red ones...also i use clear packaging tape and one roll lasts quite a while...i can't tell you how long specifically because i've never paid attention, but i know i'm not going to store all the time so it can't be that often...
  3. i am also a big fan of the carley's line...i use the scrub and soap...i was using the scrub once a day as directed but it just wasn't doing it for me...i'd be clear during the first half of the day and then begin to see irritation on my cheeks through the latter half...i decided to start washing with it twice a day...i figured "why not?...i used to wash twice a day with proactiv" *which worked great btw just got sick of paying the high price for it*...so now ever since i've been washing twice a
  4. the carley's line is not sold directly in the uk but they do ship all over the world and the shipping is not that expensive...only seven extra dollars i believe... www.no-acne.com
  5. would what you would call mild to moderate acne, depending on my body' mood...when i do get pimples it's usually in the form a slightly painful noticeable whitehead and it usually leaves a nice little scar as a reminder of it's presence...i would also have a bumps under my skin on my cheek areas...i was continually trying to find something(s) that would take care of these emerging pimples before they, well, emerged...even out my skin tone, and just gave me that overall "baby soft" look...this is
  6. if the tape did not pull off that much skin that's not a problem...in fact, in my opinion, it's probably a good thing because that more than likely means that washing your face *and whatever else you've been doing* has been a great exfoliation process for you...but the tape did remove something so it's not as if it did nothing what so ever...just means that your face isn't as mucked up as some of our faces have been...
  7. okay how many times should you tape...i highly recommend that you only do this once a day and preferably at night...that way your skin has all night to heal and recover...also do it in the direction that irritates you the least...the reason it might be more irritating and seem to pull of more dead skin is because you might be pulling off skin that hasn't quite died...the less irritated your skin is the better... yes lack of sleep and stress can definitley 'cause breakouts in some people...i hav
  8. somuchsolittle, i've found that my skin will get red after i wash and tape my face and night and will get bit warm but the irritation fades quickly once i apply the jojoba oil...but my skin is still a bit red afterwards...and yes it will help those brown marks fade...mine are fading and fading fast...i use clear packaging tape just because it's so much fater then small thin pieces of scotch tape.. only thing i can think of, as far as you getting darker, would be that maybe you're not applying s
  9. well i've been using the tape method for over a week now and have seen a drastic improvment...i had a major whitehead/cyst on my nose two weeks ago and it scarred badly...the pimple was so big in fact that when i popped it, it popped twice...first the surface stuff, but then as i continued to squeeze out the rest it popped again...quite gross to say the least... anyway i'm only saying this to give you an idea to how badly it had scarred...well that scar is almost not visible at all and in a wee
  10. thanks maya...i just ordered an 8oz bottle for eight dollars...hopefully it'll be here by the end of the week and i can combine it with my, soon to be, carley & scotch tape regimen... one more question...would you recommend putting the oil on during the day as well or is there another mosturizer with sunscreen that you would also recommend?...
  11. wow...that reply was faster than i could have possibly imagined...five minutes later and i get an e-mail saying that there's been a reply ...thanks maya... yes i was thinking of that myself soap at night, carley's in the morning...well actually i was thinking carley's at night and soap in the morning...i don't mind the staining of the pillows at all, don't know how i could considering i once used dan's regimen...thankfully my acne has gone from moderate to EXTREMELY mild and basically i'm jus
  12. maya, i've been reading your posts and have just began taping...i noticed that you said that you use carley's face wash, which i ordered a few days ago, but i know that it also has exfoliant properities in it as well...i was just wondering if this will cause any sort of complications?...you know, double exfoliation?...also i bought their natural soap and was wondering if i should use it along with the face wash AND the taping...i was thinking something along the lines of: face wash, taping, then