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  1. It has been 2 days ago and by now this pimple is starting to swell up red and I can feel the pain from it. This all happened when I was sleeping, and I felt a tingle on my face, which I gave it a rub on that spot then woke up the next day and could see a spot forming there. However, I am using Princess clarifying serum on it several times a day now but I am still unsure if I should continue with it. This isn't the first pimple I've got, as I have gotten a few on my nose a month ago, which I ha
  2. It has been 1+ month already and that spot has been there and doesn't seem like much improvements after applying a clarifying serum 2-3 times each day. Does anyone know of a better product that will help? Since you guys said BP in the long term isn't good, for that is why I stopped using it, and now have used a clarifying serum, which product now is best?
  3. Okay so which product should I use for just that spot? I use to use this product for my acne: which has helped but I have applied a few times on that spot with this serum but still unsure if its helping. Anyone suggest a product I could use for that one spot?
  4. Okay, so I popped my pimple near my nose almost a month ago and the pimple has died but left a purplish mark which I have been applying benzoyl peroxide 5% gel to it everyday, so my question is why is it still there and what should I be applying instead of that? It's the only pimple so far that has stayed there like that without improving so I am worried about it. Does anyone know a fast solution to decrease color or anything? Thanks!
  5. Recently I have gotten one pimple next to my nose and I am starting to get annoyed by it. When I touch it, I can feel that lump there and it's also red. However, I have tried popping it because I couldn't take the pressure from looking at it but it still looks the same. Although, I have been using Benzoyl Peroxide 5% gel on my face and am using it now on that spot. So far it been 3 days and it still looks like the pimple has just been the same as it was 3 days ago. Should I still continue using