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  1. I was really hoping I wouldn't ever have to log back on here Anyways, my skin was clear for about a year, and then about 3 months ago I started breaking out pretty badly, this time around my mouth (which has never happened.) I probably have at least 5-10 active pimples below and in the corners of my mouth at any given day. I've been washing my face twice a day religiously, along with applying prescription and OTC topical ointments as well all to no avail. So I thought maybe my constantly dry
  2. Those aren't black heads, they're sebaceous filaments. I have them too, all over my nose. From what I've gathered, there's pretty much nothing you can do about them unfortunately . Here's the thread I came across earlier: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Sebaceous...ts-t246249.html
  3. Yo Sprintz I've had a similar problem. After washing my face morning or night, my skin gets super flaky and stays like that throughout the day. Just like you, I tried pretty much everything - even that Eucerin Intensive Repair moisturizer stuff. Although moisturizer helped a bit, the flakes always came back pretty quickly. So I went to my derm and she prescribed me this stuff called Promiseb. I don't remember exactly what she said it was for, but she said if I put it over my flaky areas it shoul
  4. The first two years I had acne, nothing could really keep my face clear. Normal face washes helped, but I always had a couple zits and a huge cyst somewhere on my face at all times. Pretty much tried all of the general OTC things; Neutrogena, Clearisil, etc but nothing really worked even though my acne wasn't all too bad. Then one day I picked up this exfoliating scrub thing, Clean & Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial I believe it's called. Its just a typical exfoliating scrub with AHA I
  5. Sup peeps, appreciate the comments. madelineeee - the lighting in the photos is pretty shitty. i have several zits and a pimple or two across my nose-cheek area along with a seemingly endless number (realistically 10) of reddish closed comedones around my nose and jawline. it is pretty funny how you can't see them in the photo though. alextheg- yeah i'm planning on ordering the regimen soon, but only to use in the morning cuz at night BP + Acanya is too harsh. greengurl - yeah, SA 2% facewash
  6. Man, Acanya didn't do anything for me either . Stupid derm told me it was a surefire.
  7. bump, i have a very similar problem. except they don't come out. like ever.
  8. So my face just looks disgusting. Like the skin just looks sick and unhealthy. For some reason, it's gotten incredibly oily over the past 6 months or so and I have no idea why. If I wash my face, the oil will be back within like an hour. I have no idea what to do. Current regime: Mornings -2% SA cleanser, 10% BP cleanser, or Cetaphil Daily Cleaner -CeraVe or Aveeno 2% SA moisturizer Day -Blot with blotting papers every hour or so Night -CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser or Cetaphil Daily cleanser -
  9. MeAndRayCharles I have the exact same type of acne your talking about. I'll have CC's that won't go away until 6-12 months unless I do something. For the more pesky and noticeable ones, I actually use a sterilized lancet. Although there is no head to the CC, I usually just plunge the needle right down the center (gently of course), and then remove it. If nothing comes out after a little pressure, I usually just slather on some Hydrogen Peroxide, which cleans out the inside of the now open CC. I'
  10. I wouldn't say this is a complete failure? If what I've gathered from this post is correct, this procedure can effectively cure acne just as long as you actually have acne? So what's the problem? One trip to the doc and your problem areas would be completely cured. It is too bad it hasn't reached the U.S. yet though
  11. Man, I have this shit too. All over my nose and along the sides. Pretty much tried everything, unfortunately nothing has ever worked. Did you ever find a solution?
  12. Seems like a lot of good info in this thread. Haha, I'm actually on the beach in Jamaica right now so I think I might go run down to the ocean and bottle up some water to take home. Should be interesting.