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  1. Thanks everyone for the support and ideas. I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist (not just a regular md like before) even though my insurance doesn't cover it, and it was the best thing. She was really understanding of my insurance situation and gave me tons of free samples and rebate cards so I didn't have to pay much for my prescriptions. She put me on Doryx for a few months and also birth control. She also gave me Epiduo cream that I apply every night. I am not acne free, but I'm g
  2. Thanks for the tip about soy products. Since I'm lactose intolerant, I drink soy milk when I have cereal, so that might be something... Went to the doctor today, and he prescribed minocycline and tretinoin. I'm really hoping these can kick my acne in the butt so I can have clear skin again (like I did just five months ago!).
    Inexpensive, works quickly, helps general health Tastes horrible I noticed a difference in my skin the day after I started drinking ACV. Before I started, my skin was dry and very sensitive, but the ACV dried up my oily skin and acne from the inside out. I've only been using it for five days, but I've had my severe acne get much better. I hope the results continue to make my acne get better and better. I take one tablespoon with each meal. I dilute it in about a cup of water. It help
  3. Things seem to be getting better still. I've been continuing the ACV. It's disgusting, but if it's the reason my skin seems to be improving then it's totally worth it. Here's an updated pic.
  4. I haven't really changed anything about my skincare, but I have been regularly taking the apple cider vinegar. I don't know how to describe it other than to say that it's drying up the oiliness of my skin from the inside out. Before, my skin was very dry, but in an unhealthy and painful way. I can tell a huge difference (thought it definitely isn't gone). I've started taking photos of my face every night after I wash off my makeup so I can tell if there is improvement and if things I eat or thin
  5. Oh yeah, if anyone is interested in my improvement (in three days), here is an updated picture of the worst side of my face. Yes, still looks like a war zone, but I think it's getting better... At least it's a lot less raw and sore. I'm not sure if it's the ACV or not, but I'm kind of thinking it is...
  6. @ Buggle... The really strange thing is I thought caffeine consumption was making me have acne, so I quit, and it got much, much worse. Before my acne flared up, I didn't exercise at all. I've started exercising twice or three times a week (being careful to wash my face immediately after). I have heard that caffeine can be very bad for acne though, so I'd suggest going without it and seeing if that helps you. I think my acne is mainly due to stress. It started when I graduated from college, move
    Dried out acne and gave me a face rash Have heard good things from others Because this dried out my skin so much and caused a rash to break out around my eyes (did the same thing for a friend of mine), I didn't use it long enough to see results.
  7. searchingforhelp

    Works wonders on scars of all kinds, even acne scars; see effects after first use; fades scarring in weeks Can burn, can't be covered by makeup, pricey (but worth it) This is amazing at fading scars. Though it isn't marketed for acne, it has worked on my acne scarring better than products marketed for the face. If you have scars of any kind, I'd definitely recommend it. Not only does it reduce redness, if there is any raised part of your scar, it reduces it too. Two thumbs way up!
  8. searchingforhelp

    Fairly inexpensive, matches skin, isn't making acne worse Not great coverage, can dry out skin I'll keep working to give it a chance (just started using it last week). If you have mild acne, it would probably have enough coverage, but for severe acne, it won't cut it.
  9. Also, a friend of mine gave me a tube of her prescription Epiduo (adapalene and benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) and it is also too harsh on my skin. It burns. So does aloe.
  10. Thanks for the responses. Initially (about 4 and a half months ago) I used very abrasive acne wash. I realized it was too irritating, so I changed to cream face wash meant for sensitive skin. I try to moisturize, but all of the "oil free" moisturizers burn my skin a lot. I've found that lavender oil helps sooth things, but it doesn't stop the breakouts. I work in a professional environment, I'm the youngest person in my office, and I've had people make comments that I look like I'm still a tee
  11. Hi, Five months ago, I had completely clear skin. Then I started to break out. I am 23 years old, and I never had anything more than the occasional pimple. My face got all red and started breaking out. It is very sore/burning, it itches, it's swollen, it's dry, and it's very uncomfortable and unsightly. I've tried everything--changed shampoo, detergent, started drinking 4 liters of water a day, changed face wash, makeup, etc... I'm assuming it's acne, but since I've never had an acne problem, I