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  1. Even though it's not "lines"? If I relax my face, there are no fine lines...it's just when I smile there are all these folds, where there used to be none. And it's not "less distraction." I look much worse than I did with acne, I think.
  2. It sucks. I just can't win. I looked "good" underneith my acne before, but now I finally get rid of the acne and I look gross for a new reason. Like you said, my face just looks saggy and I have so may creases when I show any emotion. I don't feel like I even look like the same person.
  3. I just finished my course of accutane and my skin is pretty much clear, some old residual red spots, but no new acne so far. But I feel like I look even worse! I just look like I've aged so much. Several people have mentioned that I look "so different lately" and they do NOT mean it in a good way! I have noticed all these lines form around my mouth when I smile, and I have crows feet and just look blah and ugly all the time. I am 26 years old. What can I do? I guess I didn't moisturize th
  4. It did when I took it. They just got so dried up and the scab quickly fell off.
  5. I couldn't really find anything in the way of foundation that didn't just make me look worse. All of the pimples themselves just got so scaly and dry, so if I put anything on them, even moisturizing concealer, they usually just looked crusty and even worse than before. And then the rest of my skin was so dry that as soon as the moisturizer worse off, the makeup just looked so awful. I basically gave up on makeup. I did get a foundation, I forget the name of it, and it was meant for old women,
  6. When I start it, my hair fell out so badly that I just buzzed it off (and I'm a girl!). It was EVERYWHERE! All over the sink, in my freezer, in the kitchen pantry, like every horozontal surface in my apartment was just disgustingly covered with hair. I could run my fingers through my hair 100 times in a row, and every time, 15 hairs would be stuck to my fingers. I kept taking the accutane because I figured my hair kinda sucks anyways, and my mom has thin hair, and it didn't look bad buzzed, b
  7. I'm finding that nobody has ever heard of it! Maybe because I live in Canada and they don't have all the commercials (well, they show on the American channels ). I am most frustrated with that because I would like people to know that my lips look disgusting because of the medication, and not because I'm a mouth breather who has never heard of chap stick!!
  8. I just had a consult with a dermatologist. My GP referred me beacuse she thought my acne wasn't going away quickly enough (still getting occasional breakouts on my neck at 3.5 months @ 1mg/kg), and she wanted to make sure I didn't need another month. Well, I never got another pimple after that day (a month + ago) so the dermatologist said I looked great, and I didn't need to take anymore (thank goodness). But she said that the acne I had was from hormones, so I need go be on birth control or
  9. I had bad black heads on my nose before I started, but soon after I started they got way worse, they were so obvious and bumpy and gross. BUT, after a few weeks, they were gone and so were my blackheads! I never thought I would see my nose without those nasty blackheads, but it happened. Just be patient! And dont' try to scrub them off!! That's what I did, and I ended up with my whole nose peeling off badly! Just be patient, they're not as obvious as you think, I'm sure
  10. Yup. But i'm in Canada so it's cheaper. But I am still so broke, I am going to have to beg my Grandmother for money. (that sounds bad, but she's super rich). My crappy school insurance covers every single drug except accutane! What a joke.
  11. It hurts the most in my ribcage. I wouldn't think there were joints there but I dont know much about human anatomy. It is directly related to how much I use a given body part, if that makes any sense. If I sit around and do nothing all day, the pain is like .5 out of 10 (notice decimal).
  12. When I first started my hair fell out like crazy. It did get pretty bad, I won't lie. I could see my scalp so easily (and I"m a girl) and I was just getting so worked up over it. Finally I decided I'd rather wear a wig and be bald than have acne, and I just went with it. I buzzed my head and got on with things, and now it's grown back just like it was before. And I'm not even finished my treatment.
  13. Hello, I am mid-way through my fourth month of Clarus. My acne is still not gone, I get about 2-3 pimples a week still. They seem to be the worst on the side of my neck and right along the jaw line. My temples were very bad pre-treatment, and they're been perfect for a month or two. Is it normal for one area to get better before another? The neck is such a gross place to have acne :s Another question, I lost a lot of hair at the start of my course, bad enough that I buzzed my hair (I'm a
  14. I am having the same problem, though I've only been on accutane for just under 2 months. My face is basically clear, but my neck is still getting new ones every day and they're big and gross. Also I am a girl so it's not from shaving.
  15. Honestly, I had a pretty bad inital breakout when I started accutane, but I never felt like using topicals, especially spot treatment, would be useful because even though I got a lot of zits, they went away way way faster than they did before I started (and applied a spot treatment) because they just got so dry and shriveled up and peeled off kinda. I mean, they fully heal slower, like, there is a red mark left for a while, but it's flat so it doesn't matter as much (to me). I would stay away f