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  1. My scars depress me, no doubt about it. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get dermal grafting for them within the next year, and I'll happily document my progress with my fellow friends here. I used to be really beautiful. I still think I'm somewhat pretty from far away (haha), but the scars really took away my self-confidence and I plunged into a deep depression. Instead of going out and feeling confident like I used to, I retreated to my studies and school. I felt like I had nothing better t
  2. Kind of. Let me quote a past reader, whose experience I've provided in the link below: "Dermal grafting involves first 'needling' the scarred area at the deep dermis level. Collagen is then harvested from behind the ear. Each scarred site is then injected with the harvested collagen. The newly injected sites are then sutured up, and the ear is stiched up. " Doesn't it sound great!!?? I'm just so shy to actually go out to places to get treatment done....sighs
  3. Dear readers, How come know one has spoken much about dermal grafting? I've only read about a few instances on this site, but the procedure sounds very promising. Why not? I would like to get this done, but there's not much to read about from the breadth of user experiences.
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    For me, Retin-A has helped. My scars have gotten smaller, but this might be actually due to some dermarolling, needling, and TCA cross I did too. Also, maybe it's in my head, but I feel that massaging the scars really helps. I think that it might help to stimulate collagen growth. With retin-A, you can you really massage your scars nicely, and I feel like this yields improvement. Other studies have confirmed this too, though it all might be imaginary. Needling has helped me a lot, and I do it
  5. Hi. I've been on this forum for a while, severely depressed by this cluster of scars on the left side of my cheek. I had an idea, which might sound stupid b/c it would result in one big scar. Do you think it's possible to excise a portion of my facial skin that is roughly the size of half a quarter and suture it together? This would theoretically create on long scar about the length of a quarter on the side of my cheek. Quite honestly, I think this would be much better than those giant pockmar