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  1. i think its a medical condition and you should allow your self a day or two off if you have a serious breakout, but if you decide to go to work, then how productive will you be anyway because that nasty acne breakout will be own your mind constantly..it happen to me and all i could do is think about that large cystic acne on my face, i would not even move out of my desk and i didn't want to see nobody, because you could tell they was looking at that thing on my face, i know one thing it sucks to
  2. hey ladies and gentlemen have anybody tried using an comedone extractor for thier pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, i was reading an article about the comedone extractor. can anybody share their results on this subject..i have taken an excerpt from an article about this devise, please see below..thanks The comedone extractor has one or two looped ends, with one of them usually ending in a shaper point. In most cases, the comedone extractor can be used to remove some surface pimples, but blemishe
  3. Think about it this way, would you rather be complimented on how nice your skin is or ridicule on how digusting your skin look, i would give literally a million dollars if i could clear my skin up and get nice compliments on how good my skin look, at least you acheive some sucess that many us are dying for, be happy and deal with your new skin...
  4. can i once get a face without acne or acne scars, some people just don't know how luck they are with clear skin, it's a shame that i get jealous of people who have clear skin..do anybody know how to get rid of ice pick scars, does the tca method works.i had acne since 15 and now 33, and it's hard, being a man i suppose to suck it up but it mentally breaks you down, i don't even want to take pictures with my wife..i just had to share this with people who can undertand my dilema.thanks for listeni