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  1. I think thats the theory im going to take. My bad skins clearly caused by messed up hormones, because ive tried pretty much everything else and seen no effect. Dont want to be happy too soon though, i'll give it a month or so before i start believing hah! that would be awesome! Just about had enough of bad skin
  2. Im an 18 year old guy, have suffered from bad skin for about 2 years. In the past week, my skin has suddenly just become clear. The odd mark hear and there from past pimples, and an occasional small whitehead, but so much better than its been! Here's what ive been dping recently: Using lemon juice as a topical treatment, applying about twice a day, fish oil capsule once a day, started taking oxytetracycline again (ive been on it before, but it didnt help too much) and have been for about a w
  3. I definitely think it would be worth seeing a derm, just because they are specialists in that field, unlike gp's. I'll let you know what feedback i get Best of luck with clearing up your skin!
  4. ive been on retin a, 0.01% for about 2 months, followed by 0.025%. Didnt work at all, just made matters worse unfortunately!
  5. I have an appointment with the derm coming up pretty soon. I wouldnt say my acne is severe, but it is persistent and ive tried pretty much everything a regular dr can prescribe. Im 18, and have suffered from acne for 2 years. Just wondering if the only thing a derm can prescribe is accutane? Im a bit concious of the fact that my acne is not 'severe' and i dont think i would want to go through all these side affects for 4-6 months. Having said that. i would do anything to get clear skin! Really
  6. Thanks for all the feedback, it is greatly appreciated
  7. I suppose i have nothing to lose. Thanks
  8. My Doctor has told me that i can be referred to a dermatologist, im just asking myself if it would be worth it because everything the doctor has prescribed to me hasnt really worked at all. Im just wondering if dermatologists have some kind of secret, or are they just going to prescribe me ineffective pills and such, like the doctor. Does anyone have experience of success after being helped by a derm?
  9. When a cyst comes to a head do you pop it or not?? Ive found that if you leave them, they stick around for weeks, even months, but if you pop them you get a scab and a red mark for around a week, maybe a couple. Ive also found, there where i get one big spot, i usually get another around the same area. e.g. i had an 'under the skin' spot on my head,the next morning i had another 2 within an inch of the original
  10. Ive tried changing my diet, and ive found that excercise, if anything, makes me break out even more. Ive never been prescribed accutane, just oxytetracycline, doxycycline, and erthrymycin. Which didnt help me out much. As for topicals, ive tried pretty much everything. What do you recommend? Thanks for the response but im a guy, am i allowed to take birth control pills?? Hah I would be very interested to find out too. Would really appreciate it if youd let me know :) thanks
  11. I read so much that teenage acne can be due to a 'hormone imbalance,' if this is the case, how does one balance hormones? Surely there must be a way, i've tried pretty much everything else, topical remedies, pills, diets, etc etc so im thinking that i must have imbalanced hormones which is causing my breakouts. I guess that this will cure over time, im 18, and had my first major breakout about 2 years a go. But is there anyway of balancing hormones?? Or at least speeding up the process
  12. id say do nothing too It'll calm down over the next few days and be gone within a short period of time be thankful you just have one!!
  13. Ive been to doctors countless times, and theyve given me things that havent helped at all, and can be dangerous for the body. Oxytetracycline for example. Im trying to just ignore my acne, carry on living my life as i would. No regime, no diet. I do take fish oil, vit c, vit b5 and zinc though. My skins looking okay
  14. Ive tried soo many topical treatments though. The strange thing is, i only get pimples where i put the treatments. For example, my forehead is clear, but i never put any cleanser or BP etc. on that part of my face. Its just difficult to determine if my skin was bad in certain parts before i started trying to treat it, or possibly, it might not have been that bad, but trying to treat it has made it worse? If that makes sense? At the minute im just giving my face a splash of cold water every now