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  1. Just wanted to update here. I stopped using the light about 6-8 weeks ago. My skin was just terrible, and I didn't want to continue the science experiment on myself when my confidence was suffering so much. It just wasn't worth it. I did a lot of research and am comfortable using Dan's BP during pregnancy. My skin is much better than it was while using the light, but it is still not great. I think I just tend to break out a lot during pregnancy. Anyway, I sent the lights back for a refund, whic
  2. I stopped using BP cold turkey a week before I started using the blue and red Enlux lights a few weeks ago. My skin is just a hot mess right now. I know there are several who have had success with light treatments. How did you transition from your previous treatment to lights? Do you use lights only now? Did you have a terrible break out period as you were transitioning? Thanks for sharing your experiences. I need some words of wisdom right about now.
  3. Status update: BETTER I haven't had any new nodules/cysts for about a week. I have had several whiteheads and have many, many more little inflamed red bumps. I can deal with this, though. As long as I don't have any nodules then at least I'm not in real pain. And makeup works better on this kind of acne than nodules... You can't really cover a huge disfiguring lump on your face. I'm really having a hard time keeping my hands off my face b/c I'm not used to this. My face has been relatively cle
  4. I'm really down right now. I pretty much broke down the condition of my skin in my reply to Pop Politics. This is really, really bad for me. I haven't been leaving the house much, even though I really need to. I've actually been using the lights for 15-16 minutes every other day. I cut down after the time I fell asleep in front of the light. I guess its a good thing that I only have one nodule right now, and its getting better. But I decided not to use makeup or touch my face much until I was
  5. I currently have one inflamed nodule and probably 20 healing nodules/big red spots. I have had several whiteheads this week. The BP had kept whiteheads at bay and helped nodules heal a lot faster, so I understand why my skin is having a hard time with those now. I am doing a little better since my last post here, but I'm definitely not happy with my skin right now. I'm still doing 15-20 min with the lights every other day.
  6. Status update: NO PROGRESS YET. I have six nodules/cysts at varying stages and levels of pain. Most are on the left side of my face. I also have several new pustules and red marks fading from last week. I used the lights for 15-20 minutes every other day, except a few days ago when I fell asleep and didn't wake up when it was time to switch sides. This resulted in at least 20 minutes of extra light on the left side, so I am attributing the painful breakout on that side of my face to too much l
  7. I'm 26 year old female who just found out I will be having a baby next June. I had been using BP for the last three years with good initial success and mediocre results toward the end, but it never truly cleared me like Differin and Tazorac did for a while. I think its because I consistently missed the second daily BP application two or three times per month, but I'm not sure. Either way, I'm pregnant now and had to find a new acne treatment that wouldn't harm the baby. I'm hoping blue/red light
  8. Thanks. I know it isn't a perfect substitute, but BHA isn't perfect itself. Like I said in my first post, part of the reason I want to do this is so I can choose the concentration of aspirin that I put on my skin. I will be using 2% aspirin in my toner, which is the same that Paula's Choice products contain of BHA.
  9. Hello, I have been around here for a few years but I don't think I posted for the first time until last month. I have been frustrated with a surge in blemishes since late December that hasn't been controlled by the Regimen (which I've been on for about two years). This led me to read up on what was working for people here and to check out Paula Begoun's book again. Several people here and on Makeup Alley have had success with an aspirin mask or an aspirin toner. Most of us here know that aspiri
  10. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm renewing my efforts to follow a modified version of Dan's regimen. I've been reading a lot here the last few days and checking what I've read against what I've been doing. Here's my new regimen: Cetaphil cleanser, followed by jojoba oil, then Dan's BP gel. I'm touching my face less and not picking at all. I'm also using a lot more BP gel than I have been. We'll see if this gets things under control again.
  11. I've had acne since I was twelve. I have a lot of enlarged pores in my T-zone and am oily in that area. As far as zits, I usually have several small ones at any given time. I'm most bothered by the two or more painful under-skin zits I get the week before my cycle begins (I'm female). This is all while being on the Regimen for the last two years-- it had been much worse before that. However, in the last few weeks I've had several painful under-skin zits every week. I don't know what to attribut