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  1. hi=] i wanted to say i think your very good looking and i hope the accutane did its job i understand acne is depressing shit im on accutane rite now month 3=]

  2. I'm the same, I did show my mum this post Oh I so understand, my parents dont give a shit - they dont realise Im using every bit of strength I have to cope with this and so basically have no power to cope with anything else. I mean I didnt used to let it get me down, I did school, I did Uni but like I still have it and it's like Ive done my time now, I spose they want me to move out & get a job but I cant face the world like this. But when I get upset, they just punish me for it. It's
  3. I feel the exact same way. Being a freshman in high school a lot of the other girls haven't broken out yet which leads me to feel well un-pretty. Recently my skin has gotten better but the moment I start to break out my life falls apart. I feel like I stress out my family and friends. I also have a very low self-esteem because of acne and constantly hate myself. I think what gets me through is the fact that my friends don't care. I may notice every little thing about my skin but they don't and i
  4. I once had acne, basically my whole life. And for the past couple weeks I've been completely clear (thanks accutane). I was on accutane for 5months, but anyway lets not talk about that haha. How has going through acne changed me? From having acne and feeling hopeless, no motivation, no energy. To having clear skin and feeling alive again, motivated, and energetic. It wasn't easy and at many times i wanted to give up and end my life, but I'm here to say I've made it and you can too. I just wan
  5. Reading back on this i laugh, cuz i've made it. I never thought i could. Those sleepless nights, pretending all day - i was at rock bottom. Im here to say I've made it :) I'm finally happy and satisfied. yay
  6. lmao dont tell him to grow up, obviously people have it much worse, but just because his skin isnt as bad doesnt mean it doesnt affect him just as bad. i think his skin is really good basically perfect but i have no idea how he feels about it, so im not gonna write a rude comment telling him to "grow up and get out", your acting extremely judge-mental. how about you support him orrrr go f*ck yourself weedman. oops lmaoooo hahaha
  7. I'm the same, I did show my mum this post aw what did she say, did she understand? i didnt show my mom i will when im ready. its kinda cool to find people that relate and are just as open with their feelings. "You can't waste time over your skin problems. Life changes, you grow up and grow stronger with time and patience, and you accept that. Yet you still can't stop thinking of how good it once was, afraid you'd never experience it again, afraid you've already lived it and already lost
  8. wow that is EXACTLY how i feel its like you took the words out of my mouth. And i do as well have a therapist and idk might try anti-depressants next week. Im having much better days lately hope it stays like this im jsut living every moment up that i do have a good day.
  9. lmaoooo hahaha i like that "get busy living, or get busy dying" im gonna see the movie i didnt go to school today cuz of my skin.. oops.
  10. 1- from 1-10 how would u rate how bad is your: acne ----- 1 blackheads ---- 0 redmarks ---- 2 redness/discoloration overall ----- 3 scars ----- 0 (rate each one separately plz) 2- how emotional u are? (also rate 1-10) ----- very 10 3- are u bipolar (mood swings from one to total opposite in short time) ----- 10 4- do u get depressed oftenly? ---- all the time 5- are u depressed right now? ---- always am 6- at most of time how bad your depression is? (rateit!) --- 10 7- are u stressed oftenly?
  11. thanks that makes me feel better... just trying to surround myself with positive people.. no stress. i pushed away all of my closest friends this past year so im slowly trying to reconnect with themmm :)
  12. stay strong and keep your head up : )

  13. So i have been using no shower cleanser for 2 months now... I only use warm water to wash my fash... I dont use purpose cleanser anymore. I stopped because i felt the purpose cleanser was drying me out and may be making my face more red. Once i stopped i didnt notice much of a difference with the dryness and redness. And i have stopped for about 2 months now. I had a random breakout this month and i figured maybe i should start using the cleanser again. Once i started to use it for a couple days
  14. Mariacne - I feel the same exact way as you do.."i've been acting for so long i dont even know who i am" When i experienced clear skin for about a month i was happy but at the same time i was kinda awkward with friends because i just forgot how to act or behave infront of them it was weird. I feel like i wouldve gotten use to it eventually but i started breaking out again a month later so the cycle began once again. And i also have been looking at pictures of myself when i was younger and scan
  15. You ask what pepole would think to themselves if they saw a guy like you. To be honest i would hardly notice you... i wouldn't take a second look. I would go on about my day. However, if you said something.. anything.. like whats up or have a good day... i would remember you and keep in mind you might be a cool or nice kid. My point is.. if you want to be noticed.. then put yourself out there and push yourself make an effort even in the smallest ways mean a lot to some people.