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  1. kellokitty992

    Help on popped pimple

    Thanks so much! There is a red scab where the pimple popped.. and now its dark red. I will make sure not to touch it anymore.. =)
  2. kellokitty992

    Help on popped pimple

    I had a huge pimple (hard, round, painful when touched) in between my eye brows, and it always hurt when I scrowl. I thought it was a cyst so I made sure not to touch/pick/ pop it, even when a white head formed. But today when I got out of the shower, it popped by it self, and a bunch of white pus came out. so i figured it was okay to squeez more pus out.. basically, a bunch of pus/blood came out. but the pimple is not flat. now it its just a red, soft, fluid filled bump on my forehead. still
  3. kellokitty992

    two weeks...

    my skin was okay before I started using dk products.. some whiteheads and black heads. I've been using the cleanser and BP for two weeks.. and my forehead is breaking out like non-other. my acne has NEVER been this bad before. from the posts other users posted, this seems to be normal.. purging before it actually get better right?? But there are also other posts saying that the regimen doesn't work at all for them and caused cystic acne etc.. so I guess I am just looking for more opinions o
  4. kellokitty992

    How long does it take for Zinc to work?

    I like to think that I have normal sleeping patterns.. going to bed at 11:00 and getting up at 7:00... I only take 50 gram of zinc everday.. is that not enough? I think I will stick to the zinc supplement and stop using vitamin E, maybe that'll help thanks everyone!
  5. kellokitty992

    DK Cleanser

    I just started using this cleanser about a month ago.. I haven't bought the BP yet. I still have some BP left from my proactive kit.. After using this cleanser for about a month, my face is breaking out like non other.. I have big, painful bumps on my forehead. Does anyone else have similar experiences like this?
  6. I read on the reviews that zinc is great for acne. So I bought 50 mg of zinc..on the ingredients it says zinc gluconate, microcrystaline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, crocarmellose sodium, stearic acid, hypomellose.. etc. I also stared taking vitamin E.. but after a week, my acne is so much worse! I used to just get little zits and blackheads/ whiteheads, but now my entire forehead is breaking out with angry, big, painful pimples. Is this caused by zinc and vitamin E? should I stop taking t
  7. yeah same here! I am asian too, I started using the DK cleanser last month and now I have been getting big, painful pimples that won't go away... =(
  8. kellokitty992

    what is it? =(

    I think this thing started out as a white head.. then it started hurting alot. a bump formed and its getting bigger and more painful. What really weird is that its inside my eye brows.. there is no head.. and its not really red. it hurts alot when I scrowl.. is this a nodule? and what can I do to make it go away? I've been putting the 2.5% BP from Pro-active on it..and it burns alittle. It's not getting any smaller or less painful tho. Also, I just started taking Zinc and Vitamin E last week..