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  1. Hi Lottie, I just bought this, it's supposed to be good for treating deep, cystic blemishes... http://www.mariobadescu.com/Buffering-Lotion I've read loads of good reviews online, fingers crossed this will be the thing that works!
  2. Just to update all you guys - I didn't go to the wedding. I think being run down and stressed recently has caused this break out. It seems to be healing now (well starting to). I've decided to try and change my diet and do more yoga, walks etc to keep calm. I'll let everyone know how it goes. I'm hoping I can cure it naturally by taking care of myself as I'm not keen on resorting to BP. Thanks to everyone who replied, I appreciate all your support.
  3. Lottie I also added a reply to you on the post of mine that you commented on...well, it's more like an essay! Just thought I'd let you know in case you hadn't seen my reply...I think we have the same problem.
  4. I'm not sure I agree these are always due to dryness, I moisturise (with non-acnegenic products) and I still get them
  5. *WARNING* this post contains unpleasant details about cysts/pustules so look away now if you don't want to know!! Hi Charlotte, It does sound like we have the same thing! Mine are nearly always on my chin, although last summer I did get a couple of nasty ones on my forehead and around my hairline. I think that was because I came off the pill though, as over the years nearly all of mine have been on my chin area. I believe this indicates that the acne is hormonal. So mine usually start with a
  6. A couple of years I had really bad cystic acne - those terrible, huge, hard lumps with nothing in them (which sounds kind of similiar to yours) - and then I went onto doxycycline and it really took care of those. i still had mild acne but I could always just pop it and cover it up really easy, but lately my skin has gone back to the cystic type. I can live with the mild acne, but the cysts are what kill me! And I understand about your mom :/ My whole family has delt with acne, no one quite to
  7. I had the same thing a few weeks ago. I went to visit my parents and my mum was so shocked at my skin that she made a big song and dance of how she'd never seen it so bad and that I should go back to the dermatologist. At the time I literally broke down in tears and felt the worst kind of hurt. But after a few hours I realised that she was only trying to be helpful and constructive, and I'd just never actually explained how low and insecure acne made me feel. Talking it through with her real
  8. WOW, sounds like you have a lot of willpower. Bread, milk, red meat and pizza are among my favorite foods! I only have red meat once a week (in chilli) and I have a few slices of pizza or pasta every week or every other week. I have milk in my tea too, and butter on my toast!! What alternative foods have you been eating? Or are you just cutting down on the foods above and eating more fruit and veg? I've been cutting out chocolate and trying to cut down on processed foods and include more frui
  9. Thanks Kaley. What kind of acne do you have? I'm trying to work out whether I get "cysts" or pimples (pustules I guess, euw). I used to get mild acne, lots of smallish inflamed pimples in my chin area, which I felt I could hide more easily with make-up and treat with topicals. I didn't really feel that self-conscious about that acne, it was more of an annoyance. But these days I get HUGE cyst like pimples. I'm not sure of they are cysts or just very large spots but people can clearly see them. T
  10. Hi Sima, Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if I want to try Accutane, as I don't have these things all over my face or even all the time. I kind of just want a way of treating the ones that do come up or preventing them I guess. Also, do you know how to tell if it's a cyst or a pustule (pimple)? I know a couple of the things I've had have definitely been *way* bigger than any pimple I've seen on other people (like 1cm - 1.5cm) and very raised and inflamed. Sometimes they take weeks to go and
  11. So how does it work? Do you just apply it to cystic pimples when they crop up or do you use it everyday as a kind of preventative measure? I've heard about these products before and I'm thinking of trying it out.
  12. I guess my main problem is huge, isolated, cyst-like pimples. I don't know if they are cysts or just very large pustules. Once I had one over 1cm in diameter that lasted about 4 weeks, with a LOT of swelling. I had lots of little spots before all over my chin area when I was a bit younger (guess it was mild acne) but I found that much easier to control and hide with make-up than these huge things I get now I'm later in my twenties. Horrid. I am on birth control (Yasmin) which has really sorte
  13. Thanks, Abi. I can really relate to your post, especially the part about telling yourself there will be other events you can go to when your skin is healed. I often do that. I kind of write off a social event off in my head and start thinking "I'll go to the "next one!". I also feel the same mixture of loneliness and relief that you and others mentioned once I've cancelled going somewhere and can retreat to my bedroom to watch TV and comfort myself!! I know it's not healthy though. I need to fig
  14. Wow lot's of replies! thanks for the support guys. It's good to know others feel the same way. I hope I can be strong and not let my anxiety about my skin get the better of me this weekend...I know I will feel guilty about missing my friend's wedding if I don't feel strong enough to go (although to be fair, we haven't seen each other for two years and don't really stay in touch). So I will really try and brave it. I guess there's a chance my skin will improve over the next couple of days too...