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  1. I admire the optimism of this post. But i don't think im alone in saying i don't feel im the problem, in fact im ok my acne so long as it doesnt kill me. But try telling that to all the assholes and dumb bitches of society who's seemingly only purpose to being in my life is to remind you how much of a freak i am according to them... just because your ok with it doesn't mean everyone else will be and that's really what the core of the problem is for me personally.
  2. I think acne forces us to become antisocial due to the negative reactions we usually get from random people that judge us solely on our appearance. Naturally, after so much unwanted negative attention. I believe it's entirely rational to want to lesson that by avoiding situations that make it possible to manifest itself in the first place and unfortunately that generally mean purposefully closing yourself off from general society and living a life of seclusion. I feel as though one thing lead
  3. Curious as to how you survive financially speaking without a job. Are you on disability or something?
  4. Well depending on how much you want to get laid and if your willing to heavily compromise. My advice would be to go after fat chicks, ugly girls, single mothers, gold diggers ext. Basically the very bottom of the barrel since we have next to no sexual market value. Buy your self a decent ride to attract potential gold diggers. Always be direct about what you want from the interaction with women. Get physical quickly so that they get comfortable with it. Id say up to and until she directly says n
  5. Try going after younger dumb girls. The older ones always want a guy that's financially successful. But teens just fuck for fun. If your having a hard time with 7 to 10s then go for the 3 to 6s fat girls ugly girls whatever bro. You can get laid, but it may not be with the girl of your dreams. Save up for a nice car too so that they think your well off at least, also dont fuck around when talking to them give them clues that you want more then to just be friendzoned. If all else fails there's al
  6. Haha, that's sweet thanks. This is why I hate going to buy new clothes, the bright lighting in the change reveals everything lol Yeah guys I hear you, it's just that after so many negative experiences all due to the same thing (my acne scars). It doesn't take a genius to figure out that things aren't likely to change the next time you go out in public, so naturally I've become very much a loner and a recluse. Similar to Japan's otaku men, who besides going to work spends most of my free t
  7. Perhaps you know what im talking about, preferring to stay home every weekend and only going out to do the absolute necessary errands such as getting gas or buying food and even for those things you specifically wait until the times you know will have the least amount of people. All in an effort to avoid as many humans as possible, "why?" someone without acne/scars might wonder. simple really... over the years of dealing with my bad skin. One has to eventually realize that this will never end,
  8. I didn't mean to make you feel worse, I'm not a bully nor your enemy. I just hoped to change your mind and have you realize that there's another way then suicide. I thought that perhaps a hard nose approach may have done the trick, I see now that isn't the case. I can only imagine all the bull shit you've had to go through and in behalf of every asshole and bitch that's ever given you a hard time, every idiot that's ever called you names or made funny looks or verbally bullied you... I say to y
  9. I see, listen friend in all honesty my advice wasn't really meant to make you feel better. What is was meant to do was give you a realistic way of dealing with the situation that you find yourself in. To be frank, i must say your acting like a child throwing a fit because it didn't get what it wanted. You remind me of stories where a guy offs himself over something as Petty as a failed relationship, except in your case it's been a faliure to succeed in your ambitions. i mean, seriously? You're
  10. Explain yourself, i just gave you some advise on the matter. How has that made it worse?
  11. Hello buddy, i feel i should reply here by saying that i can relate to much of what you have experienced. I too have been robbed from a normal life experience due to my acne and its scars. I've had to ajust my mind to adapt to my reality living with the disease. For the mpst part i believe I've managed well enough for what I've gone through, im 24 living at home and many would call me a loser for doing so. But i say fuck them and anyone else who isn't me, i no longer care about anyone else but
  12. I usually get this from fast food drive through cashier's. I can hear them through the window talking about my appearance. I try to give them slack since they work as in the fast food industry but honestly that shit gets annoying after a while i even avoided going to the same place due to the same cashier being there... its ridiculous i tell you!
  13. Im creating this thread in hopes of finding out what places you want to completely avoid if you have acne/scars. Mostly due to the local population and the way in which they react to individuals such as ourselves. The kind of places im talking about are usually filled with people that go out of their way to remind you about your illness. This may include the following behavior... funny looks, fake condescending smiles and grins, verbal comments regarding your appearance, excessive staring, muffl