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  1. I know how you feel. I was nearly into my 6th month before I stopped breaking out with huge cysts. I think my 4/5th month was probably the worst. Friends even started to comment on my skin. My skin even started to get oily again in 5th month. I'm just into my 7th month now and i'm not breaking out any more. However I still have loads of white heads under my skin. My skin has now now gone to normal/dry but I do not trust it. However, my skin has never felt better so I do think it is worth it.
  2. So we all have many flaws that we would love to change, but do you notice that most of the flaws are accepted as ok and often attractive in some cultures except the dreaded acne. bad teeth - nobody cares about that in UK (probably because dentists are scarce) overwight/big bums - fat was seen as highly attractive in the west until aroung 80 years ago and is still in many african cultures today big nose - 'The roman nose' sign of power and prestige Short/tall - can fit into many different cu
  3. I dont think that aloe vera at the end of the day will be sufficant. I live in England where the weather is far worse than in canada and we still get burnt on a sunny day. In my experience, if you do not use sunblock then your skin dries up throughout the day but at night time your skin tries to counter-act and produces a lot more oil than usual at night. You end up with with brown burn marks on your skin combined with acne. I'd recommend using a low SPF (say 10) on your acne prone areas and
  4. Shjaker - by turtle neck I meant the the way my neck joins my chin without definition- just kind of an expanse of floppy skin. My neck is not long or sexy unfortunately. Perhaps it's more like a cows then than a turtles.
  5. When I first started my course I tried to space my dosage throughout the day but then I eat at irregular intervals and kept forgetting. Now I take my whole dosage with my evening meal(7-9pm)and don't think it makes a difference.
  6. Very much worth it for me up to now. I have 1 month to go (out of 7). i still have a lot of white heads and lumps under the skin but no real active acne. I am wondering if they are going to just dispapear or erupt inot cysts before I am all clear. -It's great having dry skin and hair for once in my life. Even if accutane doesn't work I have experienced a shine free existence for 7 months. Plus 2 weeks (these 2 previous) of the clearest skin I have had for a decade. -No amount of dry skin, chap
  7. Of course acne is our one and only problem but during those hours studyingthe mirror you must have noticed your next external problem. mine is my turtle neck. I have always has one, even when I was skinny. I think it is very in-significant and it doesn't affect my life in any way. However when speaking to acne free friends they believe their problems to be as life affecting as mine -eg overweight. My argument is that you cannot control acne no matter how hard you try and that you always wake
  8. I use to gather slugs and pich them in a peg. I would then attach the peg to a tree and wait for a bird to come and eat them. Saint or sinner? feed the sweet birdie or torture the helpless slug? (actually I never witnessed a bird even appearing never mind eating the slug)
  9. BFGUITAR - perhaps when your Grandpa lived in the Middle East the ozone layer was still intact. Any natural sunblock in darker skin that has evolved and been perfected over thousnads of years cannot counter act the un-natural damage that we have done to the planet in the last 30+ years. At least wear SPF 20+ on areas where you have no acne.
  10. Some people can be allergic to BP. I just get huge cysts, severe dry skin and a very red face. I have had acne for 16 years and have tried different strenghts and combinations of bp down the years. I persevered for 6 months constant use once and i looked hideous throughout. I find Salyclic Acid to be far more effective and kinder. I have to keep changing the product/brand though as my skin seems to become dependant on it and the effectiveness slows down. Whenever I use a new product with SA in
  11. I am coming to the end of my 6th month and have only just stoppedgetting cysts this week. 2 weeks ago I had a horrible breakout out of around 5 cysts but they are all just red marks now. I have been on 50mg for 5mnths and I weigh 145. I have no new spots forming right now but i can still see loads of white heads under the skin. I've got a feeling that some of them will be exploding into cysts. I have 1 month to go but am already counting my chickens as my skin hasn't looked this good in 16 ye
  12. That's strange, my lips seem to have paled to in-significance apart from when i bite the dry skin off. Shame as they use to be the only decent thing on my face. I use a mixture of vaseline and Carmex but they dont really work that well. I have found blixtes to be rubbish also so /i might have to try and hunt for this aqaphor.
  13. I am supposed to be accutane for 1 more month (7 in all) My derm has given me Duac once daily gel but it just seems to dry the skin more and do nothing for the cysts. But yes, I will give it more time and try my hardest not to pick pick pick. By the way, has anyone experienced feeling dizzy to the point of seeing stars? This seems to happen to me at least once a week.
  14. Has anyone experienced the re-emergence of oil while still taking accuntane? My forehead is starting to become oily again when I'm entering the 6th month of taking accutane. My skin is nowhere near clear yet. I have quite a few cysts and countless whiteheads. However the area around my nose and mouth and very dry and the rest of my body is excessively dry. I am on 50mg a day and have been for the past 3 months. I did think that accutane was just taking a long time to work for me but this oily