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  1. I feel the exact same way. It's like I don't ever want to use make up again because I feel I give a false impression about myself. Do you also feel that it's hard for you to stand up for yourself when someone pick on you because you feel you are not worthy off that.
  2. My grandmother goes like: Why do you get upset when people say you have acne. You do have acne. It's like I am not even allowed to get angry or hurt when someone sais something mean about my face?
  3. BTW, do you feel that there is a connection between stress and acne cause I am always stressed.
  4. I know like we have chosen to have acne. If it was a choice of course I would choose it away. Or for instance when someone uglier then you suddenly feels better about herself because She doesn't have acne. Life is unfair. Or when you say hey there is no connection between food and acne it's scientifiaclly prooven and my scindoctor say that. Then they go but I brake out every time I eat chocolate and you should change your derm because he sounds weird. So I should believe an amateur over an educa
  5. Me too I used to be the prettiest in my family. I hate it when they say you need a facial wash. It's like they take for granted I don't wach my face.
  6. My derm said it doesn't affect acne. So stress affects ance?
  7. Are you avoiding stress also? BTW food shouldn't affect acne.
  8. I think it's because they're not expected to have acne. People say that it usually disappears at 23-24. And when you're 35 with acne it kind of brakes the myths about acne.
  9. It's kind of illegal to bully people however you feel like it. There is a law against bullying. Giving advice is not the same thing as bullying but awarely putting someone down because of their acne or something else is an illegal action. Allthough acne is soemthing that the surrounding don't know how to handle or what to say it's not ok to put people down however we please. There is a limit of how we threath each other. And you can always try to not take it personal and say that this was not an
  10. Allthough these comments hurt, I feel that they are a bit honest. Like for instance my friends used to tell me that my acne is not visible and that it's all in my head. Then when I was finished with accutane they were like oh your skin is so much better it was really bad before. I feel that that is more worst. Because it's like a knife. The slower they put it in to your heart the more it hurts, but if it put it immideatly to your heart it hurts less.
  11. Wow you used to look so pretty before look how you have turned out. How can you live with yourself? Don't eat so much chocolate. ( Don't know if that's mean or if it's just bad advice) Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? I can count your pimples. One, two, three, four, five and that's a big one! Why do you have so much acne? You nedd a facial wash.
  12. I know what you mean. I hate bath room mirrors. They always bring out the worst in you.
  13. Hi! I have a hurting cyst in my head. I don't know if it's a pimple or if I have hurt myself cause it doesn't look red. But it hurts like hell. Any advice.