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  1. It sucked how most of the people on tumblr thought it was hilarious, in a mean way.
  2. For the people who asked, i got it from tumblr. Its basically a blogging site, so it could be fake...but i read some of the comments and nobody said anything about it being fake so i'm not sure!
  3. i'm pretty sure.. but i could be wrong. Like i said, "is this for real?" haha.
  4. Well i hate the dentist, but for other reasons..usually because whenever i go, i've broken out around my mouth, so i get super self conscious. Oh, and can't forget about the really bright light they shine right on your face! I bet they can see every little mark on my face. Bleh
  5. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but i uploaded a new photo for my avatar/ profile pic and it never changed to it. I thought i may just need to wait a little, but its been a couple of days now. I tried re-uploading it and nothing happened. Anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Ahh i know, i hate it. I was at the hair salon getting a trim when the girl cutting my hair started talking about how she has all of these friends who have acne, and how proactive can help me because it helped them. I just nodded and stuff, silently wanting to yell at her. She asked me what my skin routine was, i told her, and she then told me it was never going to work. Oh, thanks.. And this happens pretty much every time i go there, just with a different person every time.
  7. Also, i was at school in the lunch line..a guy i didn't even know looked at me and said "People with gross acne go to the END of the line!" i wanted to crawl in a hole and die.
  8. Ive had alot of bad experiences with kids, once i was at my friends birthday party, walking out of a building and a kid was walking by. He looked at me and asked me what all that stuff was on my face :/ And i had thought my skin was looking pretty nice..I'm glad you just laughed when they asked you, all i could do was quickly walk away and pretend i didn't hear him
  9. Thanks everyone During the trip, i thought about everything you all had said, and it really did help. The ride there was okay, i had a really bad zit form above my lip, but other than that my skin wasn't that bad during the trip! Once i was there i kind of forgot about being nervous around my roommates and just did what i knew i needed to do, like wash my face etc. I probably would have been more self conscious had i not received all of your advice
  10. I feel you. Everyday i just want to go back to bed and forget about how horrible my skin looks. And i often, too, find myself asking, "Why me?!" so just know you aren't alone in this. Stay strong and try to look at positive things in life. Best of luck <3
  11. Thank you for the advice i'm gonna try waiting until my roommates are done, or wait til the lights are off, like you and others have suggested. I also got new foundation, the neutrogena kind, so hopefully it'll help with not clogging my pores.
  12. Thank you all so much! it's definitely nice to hear that alot of you have been in the same situation. You all had great suggestions, and i'll be sure to keep them in mind this weekend.
  13. Thank you i'm gonna try everything you suggested, i didn't think about the water one, but it makes sense.
  14. So i'm going to disney world this weekend, with the music department at my school. Should be fun, right? No. I'm terrified. First off, we're taking a bus 22 hours to Florida. No stops..that's going to be a nightmare for my skin. We get to bring stuff to "freshen up with", but other than that, right when we get there, we're gonna be doing stuff all day. I honestly don't know how i'm gonna be able to do this..I can barely go a half a day without my skin feeling disgusting. Secondly, we have roomm