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  1. I disagree. I am currently using the same exact type he is (brand & strength) and I have before. It has the same important ingredient in Retin A, it is just generic. To me the only difference is the name & price.
  2. Is it really possible to see different results btwn the two? As stated in another post of mine "this isn't my first time using it but I feel as though I get better results using generic tretinoin than retin-a. I don't know why it is but one time on tretinoin I cleared up in less than 2 months. Then I had been using retin-a and never saw results that could compre to before. I've started back using tretinoin last week" I'm using the same strength as always, .025 cream. Maybe it's just my imagi
  3. Are you sure it isn't a blister?
  4. Yeah it really depends on your skin...because I can barely hang in for a minute
  5. Oh my...for one you should not have had it on for 3 minutes. I know that seems very short and even with 30%, you can get significant burning in those 3 little minutes. Initially start off with 30 seconds to a minute and gradually add time on weekly. Next you should neutralize with baking soda and water