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  1. I use Cetaphil Moisturizer...its non-comidigent so it doesnt clog you're pores...and there is a 2 in 1 cleanser/exfoliator i was just told about called Dermalogica's Skin Resurfacing cleanser. And if you need to, get a BP gel from either your derm. or just over the counter for a spot treatment at night. If that cleanser is to hard on you're skin though go with the cetaphil gental skin cleanser...that's what i am using now and it works great.
  2. Alright sweet, I totally just feel like I need something new so i think i'll try one of those... thanks
  3. Ha alright cool thanks! yeah im just looking for someting different...I think my skin's becoming like to used to the stuff i use now And none of these clog you're pores? like their the non-comedigent stuff or whatever?
  4. Hey so I was thinking about buying an exfoliator for my skin. I have sensitive skin but not to sensitive. I have mild acne so only every now and than i'll get it bad. But I was wondering what is everybody using to exfoliate? Money is'nt a factor for me when it comes to my face so whatever you think is the best thing that works just let me know.
  5. So I went on amnesteem november 2010. Today I take my last pill and let me tell you. It helped. Not as much as I thought it would. Like i'm not completly cured or anything but it deffintly helped. The problem I had was I drank to much one month so they lowered my dosage which screwed me up and than also I am going off two months early. The problem I had with this is that it just made me a completly different person. When i first started taking it I said Im not going to change but next thing i kn
  6. Alright sweet, thanks. I'll probably just do it moderatly instead of like a whole lot. I just don't wanna screw my liver all up
  7. I mean i know people do and i even did but last time i did when i got my blood tests done my doc had to lower my dose because he said my liver levels spiked to high
  8. Hey so after my amnesteem cycle is done how long does it take before i can start drinking again? like not just a beer or two but how long until i can start partying again? I want to like the day after i stop taking it. lol but I just want to make sure its safe
  9. Hey animal, Just wait until you get farther along. Im about mid way through my 3rd month and my skin looks amazing. After they up'd my dose to 80 i had a little breakout but after that its been easy riding. Good luck! I hope it helps!
  10. Yeah i just want to be done. I mean im only 18 years old but i dont want to have to worry about this stuff forever. I just want to do this and never have to worry about taking any more meds for my acne.
  11. Wow sweet alright, yeah ive been taking care of my skin very well. So far im on like my 4th day without a new pimple popping up so i just hope it lasts. Im so done with acne, i just want to be free! haha
  12. Hey man im in the same boat. I just started my third month and its going pretty good. But my 2nd month and even going into my third i was still getting pimples. I kinda still am but i mean their nothing like before. And so far im on my 4th day without waking up and seeing a new pimple so just look forward to that bro! you'll get there, good luck
  13. Come one, i really need some help on this one