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  1. no worries, keeps the post at the top If your skin is clear and you don't have flaky or very dry skin, I wouldn't spend that much money on a 3% SA and 20% urea cream as this strength is too solve a skin problem, not for daily use. For daily use maybe try to add or exchange your SA serum for a 10% urea lotion, assuming this is for sale in your country, as urea hydrates your skin while also exfoliating it like SA does.
  2. whatever your skin issue, the main thing I learned is not to dry out your skin. This causes all kinds of problems, including clogged pores as it messes up your normal skin shedding proces. Creams or lotions containing urea are still good as urea is a natural skin hydrating substance.
  3. I currently use a gel called Akerat 30 (from company called Eau Thermale Avene) that contains 30% Urea and salicyclic acid. It works very well for me, I can feel it is slowly dissolving all the hardened stuff which I assume is keratin underneath my skin. The product is sold as ''gel for keratosis prone and scaly skin''. The 3% salicylic acid and 20% urea product you mention sounds good to me, that is if you believe your skin is clogged with keratin. Note that keratin is hard, so not like p
  4. if the white bumps are caused by hard transparent/whitish pieces or seeds than it could be keratin plugs (your nails and callus areas are also mainly keratin, so similar color). Keratin can only be dissolved by urea (in 20%+ concentration) or salicyclic acid. The advantage of urea is that it hydrates the skin as well, the skin produces keratin when it's dried out or damaged, and salicyclic acid products can dry out the skin in my experience.
  5. I believe that anything that causes damage to the skin can make the skin produce keratin. Look for example at milia (which is also keratin clogging pores): Secondary milia, which develop as a side effect of certain diseases, such as herpes zoster, contact dermatitis, and leishmaniasis, and traumas, including blistering, sun damage, dermabrasion, or medications like corticosteroids, and are located next to sweat ducts. https://www.acne.org/what-are-milia-and-do-they-relate-to-acne.html
  6. I do not want to sound like a broken record but the plugs I see in the photos are most likely keratin. And what works best against keratin is a cream with urea in high concentration (20% or more) as this breaks down the keratin. Keratin is extremely difficult to get rid off, your nails are made of keratin too so you can imagine how hard that stuff is. Salicyclic acid helps too but the downside is that it dries out the skin and keratin forms when your skin is broken, dried out or damaged so
  7. something to think about: Keratosis pilaris can affect 50–80% of teenagers and up to 40% of adults. https://www.skinsight.com/skin-conditions/adult/keratosis-pilaris and kerotosis pilaris is nothing else than keratin clogging a pore and can be deep under the skin too, not just close to the surface like in those photos. Looking at those numbers, I would not be surprised that what many think is acne / clogged pores, is actually keratin and urea is the best solution for this, bu
  8. Yes. Urea in high concentration of 20% or more and salicyclic acid are the two proven chemical substances that can break down keratin. A cream that contains both worked best for me. goodluck
  9. urea 5% is for hydrating skin, for breaking down keratin you need urea 20% or more https://www.acne.org/urea-and-its-role-in-the-skin.html
  10. I can't extract mine too, in my experience pieces of keratin are stuck in my skin and only with brute force creating a wound I could get them out. In my humble opinion milia and keratosis pilaris are just labels, the key thing is those grains in my skin or whatever you can call them are made of hard keratin. I have been so several dermatologists in the past, they all said something different, none mentioned keratin
  11. I am not a dermatologist and it maybe the mentioned diagnosis is correct, but I was struck by this sentence: They looked like grains of sand/ hardened rice, impossible to crush with fingers. This is very similar to what I experienced and no dermatologist was ever sure what they were. I now think they are keratin plugs (keratin is very hard), I wrote a post about it.
  12. I have been suffering from hardened, transparent plugs clogging my pores (sometimes becoming pimples) in my face for a long time. I always assumed this was hardened sebum and/or dead skin cells, as this is what you often read. Though it's also said that the reasons for acne and/or clogged pores are not really well understood. I would like to mention another (potential) cause that I stumbled into, after all the regular treatments I tried never have been able to fully resolve my clogged pores
  13. try the cream version instead of gel, cream is less drying as the gel probably contains alcohol differin will break you out because it's purging your skin if you get inflamed pimples, put on some BP cream (epiduo contains BP too).
  14. ok, in that case I understand you are looking into other options. BTW: I said ''other topical creams and treatments'' and was referring to topical treatments, not food. I did investigate healthy food myself a lot, and regard it as an interesting but very tricky and complex subject. Lots of claims are made, and often disproved years later in new studies. I still try to eat healthy and follow the news, but I think any food theories need to be taken with a large grain of salt. take the '' Eviden
  15. The worst period will be weeks, or months at most. After the worst is over, you most likely will continue to see your skin improve each week: pores will become more refined, skin will become more smooth. You will want to put on Differin! Differin is a challenge, you need to emotionally prepare for the worst. Probably the main reason why Differin fails is that people stop because of the purging period. In fact, if you don't have any obligations, locking yourself up until the worst of the purge