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  1. Thank you for posting this. Hopefully more people will see that this is an actual problem and that those of that have been affected aren't just imagining it or that it wasn't some coincidence.
  2. Accutane caused some problems for me as well and I can relate to what your feeling. I don't know if it's directly from the accutane itself, or indirectly because of the other problems it caused, but I'm basically just in a perpetual state of feeling like I haven't "had my Wheaties this morning". Funny you mentioned dreams. I never had any nightmares or anything, but I've always had really vivid and now not as much after accutane. But again I don't know if it was directly or indirectly caused by
  3. The other thing you can try do is just keep experimenting with diet changes and various topicals. The only problem with this is that it can take years to see results, as there's no one thing that works for everyone and for a lot of people it can be the oddest things that you wouldn't think of that determine whether or not they work.
  4. The doctors that you go to for acne treatment are dermatologists. But if you actually wanted research it (to find treatments), you would probably just have to learn all sorts of biology and possibly chemistry, depending on what type of research you wanted to do. For example, if you wanted to try find a topical treatment vs a dietary treatment vs developing a new medications, each of those would require different areas of expertise. But you would probably get your PhD in whatever, and during an
  5. Yeah, but if there was such a cure, it would infinitely more marketable than accutane, people would pay good money for it, and the company would never go out of business as more teenagers and adults develop acne every year.
  6. I don't think a cure would stay hidden if it was known.
  7. What types of things have you tried so far? If you let us know what you have tried we can make some other suggestions. I think if you do end up taking it, a lower dose is worth trying. Also, for most people side effects go away after they're done, but not always (which is why most people will plow forward with their course anyways). I think at any point if you experience side effects, you should ask yourself if it's something you're willing to take a chance at living with for a long time, or e
  8. I think for most people their hair goes pretty much back to normal. Though it could take a few months for it too get back to the way it used to be.
  9. Oh? I just looked it up on Amazon I believe, obviously wasn't thorough enough. But if it is beta-carotene, then it's totally useless... unless you're deficient in vitamin A. The conversion of beta-carotene to active vitamin A is tightly regulated, and definitely won't reach levels therapeutic for acne. Once the need for vitamin A is met, the conversion stops. That's why its more safe It can turn your skin orangish if you take too much.
  10. Actually, I looked at it little more because I was a curious and it says the main ingredient is not simply Vitamin A, but Vitamin A as beta carotene. From what I understand, it still has its risks but is nowhere near as bad as Vitamin A. Beta Carotene vitamins can be bought at the supermarket where as vitamin A cannot (though that obviously doesn't make it completely safe).
  11. If you really want to try to cure your acne naturally, why don't you visit the holistic/nutrition board and read some logs on diet changes, etc? Playing around with "natural" pills can be just bad as bad or even worse than prescription drugs.
  12. And we know that you feel personal stories are of no value in considering whether or not to take accutane; that's fine, there's nothing wrong with that view. But not everyone agrees with you. Some people may want to read them. The people that run this site obviously feel they have some value and think that people might want to read them, otherwise they wouldn't be stickied. If you so strongly feel that these experience threads are that bad, then take it up with Dan or the moderators. Please
  13. A lot of people who take accutane experience dryness to some degree. There's no way to know how bad it would be until you take it, but I think for most it's very light or tolerable.
  14. The only people that I've really "hated" because of their skin are the ones who eat garbage, don't exercise, drink/smoke regularly, just don't take care of themselves in general and still have have perfect skin.
  15. I really hated those proactiv commercials where they would have someone with 3 or 4 small blemishes complaining about their skin.