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  1. Hey Acnefree81, keep me posted on your progress. Hope you make it to your date on Saturday. Hi, I´m fine. The redness has gone completely. Peeling is also over About my scars, I cant say anything for now. I wait another week or two
  2. @Liquid, No the peeling does not look that bad but anyway I would not go out so because I would feel unconfortable when I have the situation not under control and don´t know how I look actually. So I would think that a part of my peeled skin hangs off my face, even if it´s not so My forehead does not peel but still feels rough, maybe it will peel tomorrow or maybe never... My cheeks peel but as I said it does not look that worse. I think tomorrow (~80 hrs. after the rolling) I can go out a
  3. Hi, I´m on day 3 now, ~66hrs later and my skin looks good now. The redness starts to fade away (at least 50-70% of the redness has gone) and my skin starts to peel. I hope it´s nearly gone till saturday, got something important to do Ah, it was even worth to roll, only for the peel effect, I feel much fresher now because my old "skin" has peeled...
  4. Yeah I know 36 hrs. is not a long time. I hope the redness has gone till friday. The redness of my forehead is way better but my cheeks (is that right? Sorry my english is not the best) are still red... I read that most DM users say the redness has gone after 4 days so I expect and hope that it will be so
  5. Hi, I just registered to ask the same question. I´ve used the 1.5mm DR ~36hrs ago and my skin is still red like a tomato. I got an important date on saturday, so will this be healing till saturday? Was my first time.