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    Sharing the word of the lord and helping people find beauty in their lives.
  1. JustinOrozco

    bak to square one

    have you ever tired FX laser or a Profractional? is kills the bacteria, evens skin tone and clears up acne.... it worked for me and i've tired all the products on the market...
  2. I feel and understand your pain...I use to wake up everyday with 5 new pimples, then looking at my acne scars, i did everything to get rid of it....i changed my diet, started drinking one gallon of water everyday...i used every product on infomercials and local drug stores and the suppose best doctors in L.A. ... i started getting more and more in laser treatments.... I did 2 Fx treatments and 2 Pro Fractional treatments and it changed my life forever! my acne went away and my scars improved by
  3. those pictures were from my second treatment and i've had 2 more since then!
  4. youtube for the best acne scar removal in Los Angeles and oc, just type in my name or south coast med spa and it will change your life forever i promise