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  1. lmao! i feel ya. i got sooooooooo wasted...i mean, completely, totally plowed like three or four nights ago (can't remember, naturally). i also survived. i hurt like hell the next day, though. no worse hangover than normal, however. i'm really going to try to not drink at all this week because i have to go get my bloods for my next month run on friday and am so paranoid of a bad liver test and getting yanked off the tane. i would seriously flip out if that were to happen. so we'll see
  2. hang in there, girl! i laughed my a$$ off at the boob on your face comment! i know exactly the type you mean! they suck. stay strong. and i hope things are as well as possible for your mom. have a great week.
  3. whoa...your skin is looking great! i hope it stays that way for you, too. cool piercing by the way.
  4. yessssss for no new breakouts! that's great to hear. glad you're happy w/ your progress...i hope it stays on the up and up for ya. hang in there, girl. i'll have my fingers crossed for no new whopper zits from hell for you, too.
  5. i love your log title ~ let's do the damn thing! straight up, man! i just wanted to pop in here and wish good luck to you! and congrats on your six months sober! that's awesome. i struggle very hard w/ controlling my drinking (not such a great thing on accutane :\), so my hat is off to you.
  6. Awe, I hope not. I was thinking the same thing. I mean you would think you would notice the difference if you went from 40mg to 80mg. I felt pretty Normal again today. Minus a really stiff pinky, lol. My pinky is driving me crazy for some reason. Who knows, lol. DAY 16- Felt pretty good. My lips are getting this weird waxy feeling to them. When I'm eating I almost feel like the food is sticking to my lips. I always have the napkin over my mouth just in case, haha! I'm getting that too! :
  7. i took minocycline right up until i started accutane. i asked my derm about it...he said it was up to me. i could quit and leave a gap between mino and the tane, or i could take mino until i started tane. i chose to keep on the mino...i dont know if it made any difference or not. good luck.
  8. hi. good luck w/ your upcoming course! that is kind of strange that your doctor wants you to stop your topicals in the meantime. hmmmm...i can't say i get that one at all, but i wouldnt at all be one to second guess it, as they're your doctor and hopefully know best. i did my topicals (differin and clindamycin lotions), as well as oral antibiotics, right up until the day i started tane. as for your dose...i'm by no means an expert, but it seems all right to me. i'm a 130-pound female and i
  9. congrats on finishing your course. nice to hear you're 100 happy w/ the results, as you should be. i'm glad your liver is okay! best of luck post-tane, okay.
  10. i am really, really sorry to hear of your mom's illness! i will hope and pray for the best for her...that she will survive her battle and come out strong. you must be stressed to the max...and scared, of course. i'm glad you have a great husband to support and listen to you. everybody needs that. man, again...all my best to your mom. please keep us up on how she progresses. how is your IB going? and the "glow"? i still dont have the redness...maybe my skin just isnt going to react t
  11. just curious, but how bad are your breakouts and how often do you breakout? Do you scar easily? I mean i break out almost everyday but most of them are small zits. My big ones occur often though too... Has accutane worked for you? well, i'd consider my breakout to be moderate. i've never had my derm put a label on my acne...ya know, like mild, moderate, whatever. i do know it's not severe, though. i've read enough about and seen enough of what they classify as severe acne to know th
  12. i simply told him i wanted to go on accutane. at first he tried to get me to go w/ trying other antibiotic classes (amoxicilin, sulfa), and different topicals first, but i wasnt going to have it. i wasnt a b*tch or anything about it, and i respected him being the doctor, but i knew what i wanted to do and was insistent about it. i think the doctor knew it was what i needed, and he told me he thought it was definitely the right thing. my acne is moderate and not a long-term thing for me...i b
  13. ooooh, that red face sounds kinda painful. tomorrow (well, today, actually, ha, since it's almost 4:00 am) will be day five for me. i havent had the red face thing at all...yet anyway. i really hope your IB is not as bad as youre expecting it to be!!! i'm sitting here waiting for my face to blow up, too, so i feel your pain. hang in there. i'll be reading up on your progress. best of luck w/ every day!
  14. wow...your transformation is nothing short of amazing, man! congrats!!!!!!! thanks for sharing some hope.