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  1. Day 56ish???.. I can't believe how fast this is all going. I felt like I just did my blood test! All has been very well. Not one breakout since my last post Until today, lol. I got a pretty big cyst on my cheek Last tuesday I LOST one of my pill packs! I have no idea how. I panicked. Practically flipped couches looking for it. I've been on 60 mg. When I called the derms office they said to just take 30mgs since I had enough to get me through. A few days in I got this massive cyst. I am not c
  2. DAY 45!! I can't believe it. Still no breakouts. Some of my blackheads seem to be back though. Not visible like they were before. I got a massage and was so sore the next day. My body has been achy but nothing to bad. It might also be because its so cold here. I tense up everytime I go outside, lol. My skin has improved so much. I hope everyone else is seeing improvement too!
  3. Hello!! Hope you're doing well :D and hope you had a beautiful Christmas! Happy New Year! Take care! :)

    1. How was christmas? Big new years plans? Just checkin in on you to see if you're ok :)

      1. Thank you I like her I miss my bronzer soon enough we will be using it again!
      2. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure I'm not out of the woods yet! Did they increase your dose?
      3. DAY 40? I can't believe I'm a 3rd thru my second month already! I am proud to say I am virtually breakout free today!!!! I know that theres still more to come but I'm gonna enjoy while it last. If this is a taste of what it's like than I want some more, lol. I felt pretty for the first time in a long time yesterday. Without makeup I still look hideous because of all the red scars. But for now I will gladly cover them and not press my luck. I hope everyone has a great new years!! Be safe. Sorry,
      4. Thanks girls! I appreciate the support. I'll post a pic of Keegs. Day 38, I think? Things are still going smoothly. Back and shoulders are sorta stiff. All of my achiness ususally subsides when I start moving. But sitting for too long makes it worse. Kinda started peeling again yesterday. It might be the increase in acuutane though. I'm nervous because I have family coming in on the 22nd and she said if all goes well than we'll go to 80mg for the remainder. I know we'll take alot of pics and I
      5. I have the same thing with the Peach fuzz on sides of face. I'm so not a hairy person! I just figured it might be from my birth control. Never thought it might be from the accutane. I'm praying it all goes away after our courses! Hope you had a great Christmas!
      6. Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was good. Quiet and no mama drama, lol. I went to the derm last wednesday and she bumped me to 60mg a day. She said next month I will go to 80mg is everything is going good. The side effects on 60 are the same. My body has adjusted pretty well. The only side effect that is annoying me is the dry lips and back ache I get when I sit on the floor and play with my daughter. Still working out the same. Oh and guess what...BLACKHEADS GONE!! My pores
      7. Thanks for the support. I so appreciate it. The blood work went smoothly. The nurse did it so quickly. I seriously was out in less than a minute! Why can't all the nurses be so quick. Moms chemo went smoothly too. She was up to grabbing food and running to a store with me so I was very pleased. She also maintained her weight this week. Hope everyone is doing well
      8. When I put makeup on it's virtually undetectable. The biggest problem I have is I don't want to wear makeup 24-7 to look normal. This pic is with no makeup at all. The other pic was taken later in the day. Thank Jesus for makeup!! I hate leaving without my joker face on, lol!
      9. This is very inspiring, thank you I'm at the 1 month mark now. I'm on 40 mgs and have derm appt on wednesday. I wonder if they will put me on 60mg.
      10. You are so pretty!! You know how you read some peoples blogs and comments and you feel like you know them and kinda picture what they look like. Well, you look kinda like I would have pictured you. LOL, I don't mean to sound physco Just as pretty on the outside
      11. luvthuet

        4 WEEKS!

        Hey guys. It has been alittle while. My mom had a rough week and work is crazy right now. I missed this site! I am having some new actives errupting right now. I'm down right now. I am on DAY 28. Going to get bloodwork in the morning and then from there to my mom's chemo. Another busy day. I get so nervous about the blood work. I'm so scared of needles and also makes me nervous they'll find something that will make me stop taking the accutane. I feel like I'm thru this initial scary side effects