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  1. This song for the month of February is Skip Along Sam by the Sugar Shoppe! Have a nice one!

    1. Purpleclock

      Should I just quit

      Well, I've got some things to say on coping with it, I do find the idea of a punch technique quite agreeable but that is more up to you. The punch technique has some minor side effects compared to other procedures (in my point of view, that I wouldn't mind taking a chance on). Check it out on the Acne info tab, click onto the scar treatments page and I think you got it from there (click punch techniques and scroll down to side effects). Before fully considering it, look up on the board for anyo
    2. Purpleclock

      Why isn't PUNCH GRAFTING popular?

      I can see eye to eye with you. Lasers, burning layers of skin didn't sound practical to me. Chemical peels, seems outright insane. I recognize how both lasers and chemical peels can be well controlled procedures but not as well controlled as I can assume a punch technique would be; not only that, punch techniques only have a few side effects, of which I find to be minor consequences in comparison to those found in other methods of eliminating scars. I've looked through some of the comments on p
    3. Purpleclock

      A look at the purpleclock

      Hello yall. One thing that attracted me here first was getting to know remedies for acne scars. In a short time I realized that my problem I experienced was something large, many people had self esteem issues. Starting out as a child I was abused. I acted a brat in my teenage years but then became more in touch with the "big picture", life and its reality. In my last years of high school I made an amazing impact on several youths to live life for the better and found my goal to be a school ps
    4. Purpleclock

      life is over because of acne scars!

      (Similar to another post I put on another thing, edited for this) I completely understand where you are coming from. I wake up every morning and know that today I have acne scars and it makes me want to sleep for the rest of my life and hide away. (burdens) (Through here I explain living life with scars and dealing with people seeing your scars, knowing that some people might think poorly of you and few might actually might say something hurtful.) These bouts of depression cannot be stopped bu
    5. Purpleclock

      Does anybody with severe scarring feel really happy?

      No, and yes. I completely understand where you are coming from. I wake up every morning and know that today I have acne scars and it makes me want to sleep for the rest of my life. These bouts of depression cannot be stopped but for you, me and everyone else experiencing this kind of pain, don't sacrifice your life to low self esteem; it will haunt you time to time but we must simply let go of those mental chains that constrict us. Here is an exercise that I want you to do, that I do. Gut up cl
    6. I've been getting familiar with all of these fancy surgeries but all I'm seeing are big risks. While browsing I noticed a few good reviews for some lotions that presumably can reduce the appearance of scars permanently. Only problem is that I'm not sure if they can do much help with scars that are a few years old. Would anyone have much experience with treating old scars, boxcar and icepick, using a lotion, cream, or anything else that doesn't carry high risks? What caught my interest is it seem