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  1. Thanks mate! That sounds exactly what these lumps do. They just suddenly there! And then grow and grow and grow............ i am 24, and my twin, little sister and brother had teenage acne thats now completely clear. I didn't though, I think this is my version! Right. To the doctor tomorrow, if I can let the public see my face........
  2. Hi guys, I kinda need some help here. I not sure what is happening with my skin! My skin is not very spot prone, bar round my period. But suddenly, since May I have been getting these huge, deep lumps. They have no, nor do they come ever to head. Incredibly painful with the whole area also painful. They slowly, very slowllllly drain away. I keep getting them on my lower jaw line, just below the corners of my lips, and two [i]always over my right eyebrow, that swell n'merge! I look like Quasimodo