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  1. I have the exact saem problem, social anxiety and all because of my acne ive been trying to figure out what it is too
  2. Hi everyone! I took Accutane about 2- 3 years ago, and since i started and now that ive stopped my face still gets very red. Its really embarasses me. How can i ease or fix this redness and procedures or products to use? Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. Ive tried the clear skin gummies and the clear skin drinks of his and they work pretty good. They reduced my oiliness quite a bit!
  4. Hi everyone! Im going to my derm on monday and am going to ask for Spiro. I have a couple of questions though- does it help with cystic acne? Do people build up a tolerance to it if they take it indefinitely? Has it helped some better than Accutane would?
  5. you can still get a tan with sunblock, it just protects the uv rays from damaging your skin and premature aging.
  6. I'm so sorry you can relate because it really does affect life so negatively. I see you posted about accutane or spiro, I'd say Spiro! I'm a huge advocate of spiro, it changed my life.

    1. Its comforting to know people feel the same way as i do. I dont feel alone. Thanks tim12 for the positivity, and looking at things in a bright light, it helps
    2. Thanks cvd! Congrats on getting clear! Im going to ask my derm for spiro on monday. Hopefully it works !
    3. Hi everyone!! I need some advice as to whether i should go the accutane route or go the spiro route. I tried accutane once and it didnt really work that well, i still had acne throughout the course and my acne came back the same as before a month after, however my derm wants me to go on it again. Any advice??
    4. I understand how you feel. Dont worry we are all here to support each other. Keep strong
    5. Its been said that the sun is an irritant for acne, so this could be the problem. Do you wear sunblock?
    6. Hi!! :)

      Just wanted to know if youre still using spiro?

      1. Ive been using Dermalogica Clean Start Line for a month now, and it has helped my acne quite a bit and reduced my oiliness and flakiness! I hade cysts on my forehead and some clogged pores on my cheeks, and jawline, post laser surgery, unfortunately. i also bought the daily microfoliant and its helped with the flakiness. I still have red marks, scars, some redness, and a little bit of acne still, but these products have helped a tremendous amount. Im gunna buy an aha moisturizer to use at nigh
      2. Hi there! I have acne scars about the same as you do! I bought a dermaroller on ebay, and it really has been helping me, if you wanna try it out. I bought mine for only 20 bucks, and i believe i can use it for a couple of months! I get better results on this than when i went for laser resurfacing!