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  1. I'm going to bump this again now almost 3 years later. Clear for 3 years and can definitely say that The Regimen produced a degree of dryness that contributed to cystic acne and scarring. As a medical student, knowing more about skin now I can say wholeheartedly that killing your moisture barrier by putting something like BP in large quantities is a bad idea for most people. It's going to kill your acid mantle and your moisture barrier; it's going to affect your skin's ability to heal and protec
  2. Slothgirl, this regimen ruined my skin. Honestly. I thought I was getting clear but my skin dried out so much that it impaired my skin's ability to hold moisture and heal. My acne cleared up on my forehead but I started getting cysts on the rest of my face. It's not worth it. Treat your skin gently. The pain smiling, the "hard to move your face" feeling, the burning, the itching, the flaking, the cracking. It's not worth it. If you're going to put your skin through that you might as well try acc
  3. The acne.org regimen ruined my skin

    I thought I was treating my acne, but my dehydrated, flaky skin (considered normal by The Regimen, especially in the early stages) couldn't heal or protect itself properly. I went through a cycle of inflamed, irritated pimples made worse by overdosing on benzoyl peroxide and skin that formed pitted scars more easily. I think it's really irresponsible of Dan and acne.org to support basically overdosing this medication and ignoring side effects like flaky, red, damaged skin that can quite frankly,
  4. I'm completely clear, but I have scarring and so I feel very self conscious without makeup on. I feel like I can't really go out without it on unless i'm sick. And scars don't go away. Not the kind I have.
  5. You're skin is so clear omg. I know, and me from like two years ago would be yelling at me for being upset about this. But they're visible through makeup and I feel so ugly without makeup because of them. They're not worse than acne because they're static and acne felt like I had no control over my skin and it was unpredictable. But I can't do anything about these. My skin will literally never look better than this. This is as good as it gets.
  6. or indentations. idk whatever you call them. they're more than just red marks! they're not that bad - they're just annoying. I tend to exaggerate these things in my head. that's what it looks like. It's like a handful of small scars but my perfectionist brain let it get to me. There's also a lot of hyper pigmentation mixed in.
  7. me too - pits. And i can't afford to treat my scarring.
  8. I'm like super obsessing over my scars right now. Even though they're not that bad. it bothers me that my skin isn't perfect and never can be.
  9. I'd try a few things: 1. add in some sort of exfoliant? It looks like there's maybe some dead skin you need to get rid of that your foundation is clinging to 2. It looks really chalky - you probably use two much foundation in the first go -- it kinda looks like it's "caking". start with a small amount of foundation and really work it in to the skin and build up as needed in the spots you need it -- you don't need a thick layer everywhere. It helps if your foundation matches your skin reall
  10. Put it on after you pat your skin dry with a towel and your skin is still just a leeeeeetle bit damp from washing.
  11. Finacea is probably better for spot treating since it works on top of the skin rather than on cellular receptors like the retinoids.
  12. Take things slowly. If your skin is really dry and tight and irritated and flaky, use it like three times a week instead of every day. Ease into using it every day. Also retinoids can take 4-6 months to work properly. Personally, retinoids worked really well for me but for some reason AHA and niacinamide has worked even better at preventing pustules. I'm not sure why. Also if this acne happened after waxing, it sounds more like it might be cosmetic acne or a dermatitis type condition. You migh
  13. Yes exactly. I would also start really slowly and not use it at the same time as your exfoliating liquid (like alternate days). Definitely use sunscreen if you're going out in the sun.
  14. I used it for a while and it's just really harsh and drying and not that effective. Use a gentle face wash or face bar and a plain moisturizer and buy 2.5% bp lotion or gel instead.
  15. Hm. Your timeline honestly lines up with seasonal changes. Your skincare needs to change with the seasons usually. It is possible that winter was better for your skin because you were sweating less/less bacteria and as warmer weather came into play, the every other day washing wasn't properly removing dirt/dead skin cells. Try washing your face every day with a gentle wash. Watch out for tight skin that feels like it has to stretch when you move or flaky skin and use a plain, bland moisturizer i