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  1. I have a similar post from a few days ago; I think BP may be too harsh for you, like it probably is for me.
  2. I try this all the time and manage to get through some days reasonably well. Other days I just get lured into the trap of getting sucked into my acne and it's hard to get out. Ignoring mirrors is definitely a good strategy. But sometimes mirrors can bring good news too. Seeing a spot go down or a cyst turn out to be just a whitehead can brighten the moment. But I know this rollercoaster shouldn't dictate my mood so much..
  3. I've recently re-introduced BP, as a spot/area treatment. I happen to notice that if I spot treat with BP the acne will often (not always!) spread to a very nearby area. Not sure this is the BP's doing, or just plain coincidence. I apply a thin layer on the spot and I moisturize afterwards against dryness. Still, Benzoyl is a main suspect to me. It's just so weird to me that new spots will appear so close to the other one. Anyone else who experienced BP works counterproductive like this?
  4. you should have done it! if you can make a buck with your acne at least that'll be 1 tiny reason for it to exist ^^
  5. i think it's just always going to be different for everyone. but 4 weeks is not enough to draw conclusions, just try to stick with it and in the meanwhile try to not obsess over your outbreak and avoid mirrors as much as you can. there's nothing you can do now anyway. i know it's super hard and i know how acne can be on your mind 24/7. also red marks is just part of the deal.. but they will fade if you get your acne under control. i do hate redmarks and i suffer a lot from them (every single, e
  6. I was on the same stuff (Differin / Doxy) early this year. I started to see improvement after 1 month. At 12 weeks (just like they always say) I was 100% clear. My acne remained under control up until 6 months after quitting the doxy. I think for most people it takes some time before it really kicks in. I'm sure it'll work for you man, just keep going strong.
  7. Dryness is definitely a trigger for me to break out with acne, so your problem is not that weird to me. Especially in the winter months it gets really bad and I'm constantly itchy and dry.
  8. I've skipped a lot worse things than just school because of my acne.
  9. It's all true, but then again when I think of it there are still worse things that can happen to you. Sometimes this seems impossible and it doesn't even help a single bit to realize it, but all in all I just want to condition myself to go through this thought process. To be able to glance in the mirror, say to myself "wow my skin is bad today" and go on with my day.
  10. I just wish I could care less about my explosive breakout. My skin hasn't been this bad in more than a year. I'm really actively trying to manipulate my brain into forgetting about it and just go on with my life. I have been successful at this in the past, but I seem to care more and more about my acne. It really feels like a barrier in front of my happiness. Then when I feel some acne is going down, my mood improves drastically, only to collapse entirely after discovering a new active upcoming
  11. Avoiding bread is definitely the hardest thing and has often broken my will to try this out. I just wouldn't know what to eat. I don't have the time nor the energy to broil fish in the morning : ) I'm a tall guy and I need some energy for the day. I have never really come across a good solution to avoid bread.
  12. A month without cheese, that should be doable. I'm avoiding sugar already and don't eat any other dairy, cheese is very prominent though. I have cut out cheese in the past, but never longer than 3 weeks I think. I was breaking out constantly during that period so I thought cheese was just not a trigger for me. But i'm tempted to try again.
  13. What a great success! If I would know avoiding these things would get me 100% clear I would definitely do it; but I've never had results. May I ask how long it took you to get results avoiding dairy and sugar? I'm already avoiding sugar like the plague, and I think it has helped a little, but cheese I eat a lot.
  14. I have these too. They are shiny, never come to a head and stick around for ages. Even when they're painless and flat, they remain just as red as when they were at their peak. The area around it will be very red, too. It takes months for the redness to go away, but before that happens another will have popped up. I often get them around the same spot, too (on and around my cheekbones). Only antibiotics have been able to take care of them. What seems to have worked, occasionally though, is ta
  15. I've cut out dairy for a month in the past and still broke out with cysts. Also, I've been clear while eating enormous amounts of cheese. That leads me to only hope that dairy is not a trigger for me; I don't care about milk and icecream, but a life without cheese.. oof.