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  1. Sexxyangelic1

    Accutane Round 2

    Soooo. I am back! Why am I back?? Because my acne is back. So I stayed pretty clear the last couple of years since my last entry, and then I had a baby! Can't use most acne products while pregnant AND you can't use most acne products while breastfeeding. So being pregnant and then breastfeeding for a year, that was almost 2 years of horrible horrible skin! With crazy hormones and all I just could not stay clear. I would say it was mild to moderate, but definitely still there. I would say the
  2. Sexxyangelic1

    Keloid Treatment

    I have them on my face. I've been getting cortisone injections for about 3 years. Although it does not feel the greatest, it has helped tremendously. My keloids are basically flat now, I just go back, if they start to puff up a little every now and then. I would suggest the injections, they take time, but they work. Personlly, nothing else I've ever tried worked except for that.
  3. So I was doing EVERYTHING right! Washing my face with a gentle face wash, I was taking my antibiotics, using my Clyndamycin and my Taz and I was STILL BREAKING OUT!! About a year ago I started going to a weight loss Dr. He prescribed me Phentermine which I have been taking for about a year. About a month ago I googled Phentermine and Acne and low and behold I discovered it causes ACNE!!!!!!!! So I stopped taking it immediately! I have been off for about a month now and I have not had one breakou
  4. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 19

    Ok, so some of you may be thinking that I haven't blogged in soooooooo long because my skin cleared up amazingly and I didn't worry about it any longer, which meant I no longer would log on to this site.....WRONG!! DEAD WRONG!! I was so frustrated that I was continuing to break out that I just didn't want to talk about it!!! I had a derm appt last week and I told my Dr that I did not think the Taz .05% was strong enough for me and I wanted a higher dose. He bumped me up to the .1% and I feel th
  5. I actually think your newer pics do show some improvements. Your skin looks a lot smoother in the second set of pics. I would stick with it. 12 weeks isn't always the magic number for everyone.
  6. I'm on my 13th week of Taz and I am just starting to see results. It sucks but you just have to hang in there! It will get better I promise you!
  7. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 13

    So boys and girls, we last left off with me about to go into week 11 of Taz and also going to the derm. Well first let's talk about my derm appt. So he was very hesitant to put me on Spiro since I am already taking Ocella, so he prescibed my Doxycycline (Antibiotic) which I was a little hesitant to take because of all the horror stories I've heard about antibiotics. But then I thought hey you've taken Tane what's a lil antibiotics gonna hurt! Well let me tell you the first couple of days I wa
  8. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 10

    So it's week 10...Today I feel indifferent about my progress. When I put on my makeup I look freaking amazing and I'm like wow...Taz is really working. When I take it off, I'm like whoa maybe not. I actually only have like 1 active right now that is actually healing pretty quickly and will probably be gone by tomorrow. Pimple wise I'm actually doing pretty good. I don't have as many as I did in weeks 7,8,and 9. What I really have now is a whole lot of hyperpigmentation which I hope will soon st
  9. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 9

    Ok so week 9!! Week 8 sucked balls i mean really really sucked balls! Both of my cheeks and jaw line were covered in active pimples. I had about 7 or 8 on each side. I was almost really literally about to give up on Taz. I didn't even have an IB this bad when I was on Accutane, which I attribute to using Retin-A up until the point I started Accutane. Anyway's last week I was so flaky and dry, my makeup looked horrible, I had all these pimples and I just wanted to scream. I even stopped using
  10. Hi, I actually went to DR while I was on Accutane, I went to Puerto Plata. Anyway you shouldn't have any trouble getting your meds on the plane, I just threw mine in my luggage. My advice for your trip is to get the highest level of sunscreen you can get. I got the water babies foam spf 70 for my body and this non comogenic one I get from trader joes spf 50 for my face and reapplied religiously. I also had a very large hat that I wore whenever I was on the beach. I came home with a little t
  11. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 7

    So I was trying to wait until I had some great news before I posted again, but it looks as if I am still waiting for great news! Anyways skin the past two weeks has been up and down. My boyfriend told me about 2 weeks ago that my skin was really clearing up and that it looked great. Then about 2 days later I had like 5 new pimples! I didn't really freak out because I was basically not getting my hopes up to much because I know how up and down this process is. Right now I have about two new pim
  12. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 5

    Soooo week 5. Hmm well right now I will say I'm kind of indifferent to my skin right now. It's not looking all that hot but not horrible. I seem to get about 1 or 2 new pimples a day but they seem to go away in about 2-3 days. Started to get a little bit of dryness around my mouth which is my usual spot for dryness. My Gyno gave me Ocella which I started this past Sunday. I actually like it so far. The bc I just got off of Reclipsen, always made me nauseous soon after taking it. So far with the
  13. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 4 Taz/clyndamycin

    Ok so I am on week 4. My skin right now has a lot of things going on! I'll start with the bad. I am breaking out a lot more. I have about 5 or 6 pimples on my forehead. One is a white head which by the way I have not popped! I also have 1 on my left cheek which actually is going away pretty quickly and about three on my right jaw line which seem to be healing pretty quickly as well. The good-today after I put my makeup on (just MAC pressed powder) my face looked pretty darn good actually.
  14. Sexxyangelic1

    Week 3 Taz/clyndamycin

    Creeping towards the end of week 3. Yesterday I was so happy. I had no actives and I figured I was past my IB stage! WRONG! Woke up this morning to 4 new friends! Oh Pooh! Well not complaining. It's not as bad as how my skin was before Accutane, but I'm just really ready to be done with breakouts! I want to just focus on my scarring! Oh well! Anyways so no flakies, no excessive dryness which I'm surprised about because I was flake city with Retin-A! Maybe it's the Clarisonic?? Don't know. Hope
  15. Sexxyangelic1

    Acne New Year's Resolution

    Get clear and stay clear by any means necessary!