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  1. I do this too! I do a yogurt mask (plain yogurt mixed with a bit of honey) almost everyday and it seems to help alot! It sounds strange to put yogurt on your face, but its natural and the bacteria in it help fight your skin irritations, its great
  2. I was fed up with my skin problems too..I have acne rosacea on my chin and beside my nose and it was like pustules and papules and overall red and sensitive. I tried the prosacea stuff but not sure it worked well for me..first off it felt very drying as it pulled my already dry skin very tight to the point where i couldnt open my mouth Regardless I still kept it on and went to bed..when I woke up the tight feeling was gone and although the redness was maybe a bit reduced, there was still some
  3. laura6

    - reduces redness and size - works as an exfoliator - makes skin soft and smooth - helps visibly infected pores - hard to apply because its grainy - messy Aspirin works so well on inflamed pimples because it helps to calm it down :) I did have one that was coming (could feel it and it was red that area) and I put aspirin on it last night and this morning I could still see it but the bump was somewhat reduced. When its time to wash off it acts as a great exfoliator, so basical
  4. laura6

    - makes your skin feel very soft - moisturizes your skin - helps to reduce redness - when used with yogurt made skin look much less irritated and more refreshed - sticky and at bit messy - didnt clear pimples (not sure if it was suppose to) - can't really sleep with overnight, but good for before you shower or go to bed I saw reviews for this and decided to try it. The first time I just put it on my chin area and put it on by itself and it did help reduce redness and moi
  5. Okay so I am just wondering if there is any way to get ride of acne rosacea or atleast calm it down. I was using really harsh perscription creams on my face about 5 months ago and I think that they just killed my skin because now my dermatologist said I have acne rosacea Its small red bumps/some white heads around my mouth and on my chin I have been washing my face with spectro jel because its the most gentle cleanser I have and it doesnt irritate it. I sometimes put on this dermamed gel that
  6. Yeah I've heard from some people that cetaphil is amazing and very gentle and all, but I have also heard about it being overly greasy (the moisturizer) and it causing breakouts. I guess it works differently on everyone. And I have never heard of DDF sensitive Skin cleansing gel, but Il definetly look it up.
  7. Ya I had pretty much the same thing, where I could hardly even smile or open my mouth sometimes. Unfortunately had a dentist appointment when it was at its worst and wow did it irritate the hell out of it, it was actually painful for me to open my mouth so they could clean my teeth But anyways for me, I have been washing with spectro jel (everything I was using before just irriated it more) and have been putting on moisturizer and even tried vaseline like you (the days it was worse). Now the re
  8. Well I think my acne is somewhat hormonal, because it was bad before but as I said I went on a pill called CyEstra and it worked pretty well. I use to have a bit on my back and chest as well, but Im not sure if I grew out of it or if the pills helped. Im just hoping that by switching to a different type of birth control it wont make anything come back or make it worse. My derm said I have a slight case of acne rosacea so the only acne on my face are little bumps which are starting to calm down m
  9. Ya I know it works differently in everyone. I'm going on for actual birth control reasons:P I'm on a pill now thats called birth control but its strictly only for acne. Thats why I was curious to see how the different birth controls work for people, im scared cuz my face is pretty good now (just some minor stuff) so i dont want to switch to real birth control and have lots of problems but thanks for your opinion
  10. I use neutrogena sensitive skin oil free moisturizer..i find it works really well. Its not too greasy and doesnt break me out. My skin is a bit dry and tight so it helps, but im not sure how well it would work on your skin if its scaly and extremely dry. You can always give it a try though
  11. Yeah I have an appointment to talk to my doctor but just wanted to see what people said anyways, thanks so much guys!
  12. Just wondering what type of birth control has worked the best on people for acne. I have acne rosacea so my "acne" just consists of small pimples, red bumps, blackheads on nose and whiteheads occasionally. No large pimples or cysts. Dont want a birth control that will cause more breakouts!!
  13. Just wondering whats better spectro jel cleansers and moisturizers or cetaphil ones? Im using spectro jel for sensitive blemish prone skin now, but want to try either cetaphil or spectro moisturizer. My skins very sensitive and has acne rosacea (no big pimples or cysts) Just want to know if one of the two are more likey to break you out, because I definetly dont want that! Any comments or other suggestions will help, thanks
  14. I agree the clean and clear is probly the worst thing for your skin! its because it irriates it usually causing more redness. I have the same problem!!!! I was on these expensive creams recommended by my derm and they worked for the first few months, but oh my god did they ruin my skin now! the main ingredient was a skin bleacher which just killed my skin, now I have an irritation on my chin too and yeah it looks scary as hell when seen in bright lights Im trying to not put much on it now so