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  1. Hi. Just wanted to say i have the exact same bumps as you all over my cheeks and chin and they are SO stubborn. the tiny tiny ones are more visible when i stretch the skin. I started getting these bumps after 2 years on antibiotics. And i think that was my cause. As they have not left 3 years later. if i squeeze them they just refill. I am currently on a low dose of accutane, its only day 20 today so not much report. What antibiotics were you on? And how long for?
  2. Thank you koolfan, I am so stressed feel so unattractive and in so much pain. I will keep you updated. Are you on the tane?
  3. Day 19. My face has exploded! deep hard red bumps all over my cheeks! I HATE MY FACE AND I HATE ACCUTANE! Leaving so many more red marks. I regret taking this already. especially if i only get clear skin for the last 3 months and then it come back again. Anyway i have lost hope meh!!!
  4. Wow, your ski looks amazing.. It has cleared up SO freaking well! xx
  5. Good luck fel-han. Le us know what happens with the derm x
  6. Hey, Just thought id stop by as i am on 20m of accutane, its day 14 for me today and my acne in mainly clogged pores and tiny bumps. So i am the same as you wondering if accutane will clear this sort of acne up. Anyway, how are you doing with it?
  7. fel-han- I woke up with so many more of those rough bumps. I feel sick when i look in the mirror. Makes it 10 times worse when i apply moisturizer as i can feel it all. I hate it. spent today crying, thought it would help. But no made me feel drained. I know exactly how your feeling so big hugs xx Let me know what your derm says. I see mine in 2 weeks and i know she wont let me increase my dose agghhhh. wish we were all in like one massive house together for the whole duration of a courses
  8. Is it normal to have IB of clogged pores on accutane. I am not getting no big pimples just so many tiny clogged pores and blackhead over my cheeks. i have only been on it 13 days. please help
  9. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Ill keep in contact for sure. Day 13 UGHHHHHHH!!! still clogged bumps everywhere but still no actual pimples yet. But i would rather have a few standard size pimples than millions of bumps. Still no joint pains. do not have dry lips. Skin obvs not as oily though. GO AWAY BUMPS!!!!! I WISH SOMETHING WOULD CHANGE.
  10. I am hating today also. i have soo many more breakouts f hose rough bumps. I know we need to be strong but today i just cant help feeling like it isn't going to work. I have spent the whole day locked in my room. Do you think a a higher dose would help us? Anyways your not alone were all in this together
  11. Belimeza- Girls can be such bitches. I know its hard but you just have to think your loss not mine. You seem like such a lovely sweet girl. And its your friends that are loosing out not you One day you are going to be off doing different things, meeting new people and those girls wont even matter. They are probably just jealous of you, you are stunning. So just remember that. I know you have never met any of us, but were all your friends rant to us and we will all be there for you Just remem
  12. Heyyy hows your skin today? mines shit i feel like throwing my accutane un my derms face aghhh! Whats even more depressing is that i am on day 12, WOW day 12 out of about a million. To top it of im walking around with cotton wool with honey stuck to my face. All because i picked my face for about an hour. Great!!!!!! Heres me now Note all my acne is under my cleansing pads! my forehead is clear but my cheeks are full of about 2000 clogged pores!
  13. Also look another one of there testimonials who they claim to be Barbara Now Barbara is also on a smooth beam with the same pic! this company are so stupid. Look at this link http://www.mdspaandlaser.com/smoothbeam.html
  14. This company chat rubbish and are liars on there before and after pictures they stole a before and after picture of someone on the internet who had been on accutane. LOOK i have copy and pasted link. http://treatdrug.com/accutane-the-modern-m...teenagers-acne/ Companies like that make me sick!
  15. That is strange, do you think it has something to do with the fact were on a low dose? As you were on a higher dose the first time wasn't you. It is so frustrating feeling bumpy skin when moisturizing. Thank you for your support, it really helps Do you think 30mg a day will make a difference? Aghhh haa angelina jolie lips. I am super jealous. I wish that was one one of my side affects. Yeah i keep trying to find the funny side of my face when i look in he mirror. Have not got there yet tho
  16. fel-han. Just realized i was writing on your log at the same time you was writing on mine. WEIRD Grrrrrrr i hate theses tiny ones. They never make progress just seem to spread. I just want to curl up in a ball an sleep through the next 7 and a half months of my stupid course. Sorry for not being being positive today.
  17. fel_han- Had a TOTAL relapse to, woke up with lots of tiny pumps all over jawline and bottom half of my face. I Picked and now i feel super guilty and RED. Why is accutane purging tiny rough bumps everywhere but not actual standard pimples?? I think me and you have similar skin. Did your clogged pores go on the the first round? I hope your feeling strong still. We need to stick together.
  18. pinkstarlett- Thank you i hope that works for me. I am on a right downer today my skin is just breaking out in tiny bumps everywhere! and none of my old pimples are doing anything. Good luck with the rest of your course, Glad things are looking up for you. Breetard89- Yeah chamomile is not exciting but it really helps just hold your nose ha. Your food yesterday was really good. keep up the good work. You should read my day 12 i am about to explode. DAY 12 AGHHHHHHHH I hate hate hate hate ha
  19. hey pinkstarlett, Yeah my skin is still really rough like sandpaper. It makes it so difficult to apply makeup. Did you get tiny rough little bumps? How far are you in to your course? Hows it going? I feel so much better that you said it went away after 3 weeks Thanks for commenting.
  20. It all depends on the quality of the fish oil. My sister used a cheaper brand broke out, then bought a more expensive brand and her skin has cleared up and she has a lovely skin tone now. I started using it with my accutane course and its making my skin glow. its called Nordic Naturals, Omega 3D it has vitamin D in it as well. he lady in the vitamin shop told me its a brilliant quality of fish oils. And the best selling I LOVE IT. I also use a good quality Vitamin E. And you wot blieve he c
  21. Breetard89- Oh happy you bought some tea. Yeah i drink it with manuka honey. I put 2 full tea spoons in. You could put honey and lemon in at the same time. How has your healthier eating been today? xx
  22. Day 11 Ok so no major changes today! Still not got dry lips but skin is not as oily. now. No big pimples or breakouts just the same tiny tiny pimples. Which just need to leave as they give me such a temptation to dig out. My diet of fruit everyday and my homemade veg soup and lots of rooibos tea is DEFIANTLY helping the tone of my skin it looks so much calmer and even. I'll update more when i have noticed something different as of up to now there has not been any major changes since i starte
  23. Hey Belimeza, SO happy for you that your skin it becoming smoother. I wish mine was. Yeah day 11 for me today so we are super close. Weird though my face is less oily but my lips have not at all started to dry out. I think it may be due to all the herbal tea i am drinking. I have to say my healthy eating and gallons of water are really helping with the redness of my pimples its mad. I am like you no major eruptions yet! *touch wood* but just tiny tiny little bumps. anyway good look for the