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  1. Glad your doing well lovely Yeah Jojoba is Amazing! it will help even out the skin. Im going to start using coconut oil apparently its suppose to be Amazing. Hopefully that will be your breakout. Thats what mine was clogged pores. My clogged pores are still there though are yours?
  2. Hey babe how are things? As for a moisturizer why don't you mix jojoba oil in with the cetiphil?
  3. Hey babe, wow that message really made my day. To the point where i thought you know what this is going to get better and i go dressed and went to meet a friend for coffee. And i have not left the house in well over a week. Had everything delivered. So thank you so so much for the confidence boost. You are so right Accutane works different for everyone. Some people see results straight away some don't until the very end so i just got to wait this out. I know i should stop letting it take ove
  4. Good luck im on month 2 still in the initial breakout stage. I guess i had a lot of underlying crap. I broke out mainly in clogged pores. Tiny little bumps with no head. Ill follow you log. You should update with pics too Then you can look back and see the progress. Thats what i have done.
  5. looks like the inflammation is going down. and welcome! Thank you :) It is actually. 5 more months of this Drama... Glad im not on my own though..
  6. I am still in the break out period believe it or not... Still got 4 or 5 months to go though. So hopefully i will get the results i want. Its just one big waiting game. Been an emotional roller coaster for me up to now. Hopefully fingers crossed worst is over
  7. You could try taking Turmeric capsuals. I took them for 8 weeks and my red marks were perfect. I would go for Organic Turmeric. I took 8 capsules a day.
  8. Hey i use Blistex Relief cream its absolutely amazing. Its only £2.24 you can get it in superdrug, boots, Tesco. Any Pharmacy. I only have to use it once or twice a day. its fab. Its got so many good reviews too.
  9. Female. 23 years old. Initial accutane course was suppose to be 20mg a day for 8 months but that changed to 50mg at the 6 weeks point as i was not seeing any improvement. I started on 5th of may Its been 7 weeks. Side effects-Dry lips Drier skin than normal. Initial breakout consisted off tiny clogged pores coming out of every pore and a few hard papular cysts Currently still in the IB-This is my skin so far i hope it changes soon....
  10. Hey lovely, Excited for you to start accutane. You have been waiting a long time. Did you start using the Turmeric capsules i was telling you about?
  11. Good luck on your course, im on month 2. Cant wait for this to be over. I will be tracking your progress.
  12. Thank you for all your advice I just think if i lower my dose then it wont dry out my current actives? Just cause im on 50mg at the moment. and it isnt doing anything but given me dry lips. Yeah i know what you mea about uk derms preferring lower dose. I was originally on a 8month course of 20mg a day. But when i was seeing no improvement she bumped me up t 50mg. Also my pimples dont seem to leave unless i extract them?????
  13. Well, I remember not having a severe breakout, I had slow but sure purging of acne. I remember a few large ones coming and going and I distinctly remember the kinda bizarre but cool effect of my pores on my nose literally pushing the clogging material out. The main thing was the dryness, that wonderful dryness that only an acne sufferer can understand how much we covet it. Are you sure you're not dry yet? when you touch your face with your hand are you seeing any oil? if they have bumped you
  14. Thank you paul. I just at the moment cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have painful pimples. And so far literally NO improvement. My skin should at least be drying out. I feel like right now all this med has done i give me a huge breakout. And it hasn't even stared to clear any of the breakout up yet. I think i need to look through accutane logs again to try and find someone that is having a simular experience to me. I know i shouldn't let it get me down and stop me doing thi
  15. What month did you start seeing results on accutane? Think im going to beg for 80mg when i go. Im worried that my face still shouldn't look like that.
  16. Ahhh thank you I dont feel it though. I woke up this morning and cried for hours. I cant bare to look in the mirror. Like the active pimples are so sore. Its nearly week 8 now. I just dont understand why things are not drying up? Like i have not had any side effects. Im not due to see my derm for another 3 weeks. So Going to have to wait until then for a increase. I just feel like i should be at least seeing something even if its only small. Its costing me a fortune! I wonder if anyone else
  17. Ok so know one has replied since i posed my pics. Does that mean my skin is bad for how long i have been on it. Haha
  18. Hey Fizz How long have you been on accutane for? My clogged pores just dont seem to be improving. Yeah i am defo going to ask for 80mg when i next go. How long are you on your course for and what type of breakouts you getting? x
  19. No way. I live in Manchester My course was supposed t be a 8month on 20mg but she uped me to 50mg on my first visit afer taking 6 weeks of 20mg because i wasn't improving. I have so many clogged pores and hard under the skin bumps. What type of breakouts are you having?
  20. Hey everyone thank you so much for all the responses. Im going to ask my derm next month to increase me to 70mg. I dont understand why my skin is still purging every single pore and my active pimples are not healing or drying? How long would it usually take to see any dryness frommy increase of dose from 20mg to 50mg So far after 6 days of dose increase there has been no changes. My skin looks so much worse then when i started. Im going to post pictures now of what my skin looks like after 6 w
  21. Again- thank you so much for your help. How many months was you on the high dose for? So do you think it would be ok to do my remaining 5 months on 80mg?
  22. Itsnoteasybeinggreen- Hey yeah i know i should really give it more time but its just annoying that i only weigh 112lbs andi just thought i would have at least had some pimples drying out or some side effects? My face is just covered in clogged pores when i stretch my skin... Aghhh! When i read through logs people see changes by now. My skin is just staying the same. The hard papules wont budge. My skin could even handle duac. Its weird. I just want a slight change, anything!
  23. Thank you Just feel a little disheartened that my active pimples are not drying out yet. What changes are you seeing? p.s- im from the uk too, where you from?
  24. hope1986- yeah its so weird i mean im not very heavy in weight. And so far 7weeks in and no side effects. Its crazy that you had all those side effects on such a low dose. The only thing i have had is the initial breakout. Grr i hope it works. rock316- Thank you I wont give up i just dont get how all these deep clogged pores will leave if im not drying up?? Wouldn't you think i would notice a change right away when i upped my dose with dryness? Glad your seeing results. You had any side effe
  25. Hey everyone, Thank you all so much for the replies. The only reason i am getting stressed out is because the first 2 weeks on 20mg i was breaking out in millions of tiny little bumps\clogged pores. And 4rth week i have had like hard papules. but they don't seem to be going like there not getting any smaller or drying out. on my 7th week and just started 50mg i know i have only took 50mg for 5 days but i at lest thought i would feel a bit drier. Or something. But no, no drier no joint pain no