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  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Mdn21777777777777777777777777777777777777 Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
  2. Thank you... I know i get super stressed all the time and post depressing posts. Its just my skin has gone super super thin and when litterally tears so easily. I know it takes time. Sorry iff Im annoying anyone by going on.. Haha Ill let you all know when i see some changes.
  3. Why me on month 3 off tane millions off clogged pores Little bumps under skin left from cysts. Please will someone help me thats been on tane. When or will it get any better???
  4. Hey! sorry i was just creeping through this fourm but i saw this and i saw that you were struggling and this guy says he was breaking out almost ALL through his treatment and now he says he's "seeing wonderfulness" so just try and stay strong! Ahhh thank you so much thats sweet.. I shal have a read through it now. Thank youuuu xx
  5. Hey good luck with your course. 90m is very high to start he realy did throw you in the deep end. He knows best though. You need to make sure your taking omega 3 fish oil 2 a day vitamin e Capsuals. That really knocked all the side effects for me. Have you experienced a IB yet?
  6. I have also come to vent. Im so upset. Like i know i shouldn't have picked but i had a mini cyst that was hurting it was right by my mouth. I now have the biggest scab ever i ripped do much skin of on my cheek too!!! When is this going to end? Has anyone else picked on Accutane and its teared the skin?
  7. Thanks babe. I was doing ok then i had another breakout and i picked a pimple and it ripped all the skin either side of it.. Im so upset so now its an open wound and its really big. Have you experienced tis at all on tane. So your skin just started clearing up? Im so happy for you. What type of acne do you have? Thanks for the message
  8. That looks like an infection because of the color it has gone, Id go see a derm for some antibiotics just incase it gets worse and ends up in a staph infection.
  9. I Support you Crystal babe our message marathons everyday :) xxx
  10. Woo found your log! I think i gave up on my log and just posted depressing posts that probably that know one was interested in haha.. I cant wait for you to finally get started. mini xxx
  11. Wow your skin looks amazing!! What was it like before Accutane??
  12. WOW! OMG! Yeah that pretty much confirms that there is always someone who has it worse! I actually got sick to my stomach looking at her before pictures. That poor poor girl. It also makes me mad to think that people have the nerve to try and get rid of this miracle drug. Thanks Mini Me. I just really hope that I can recover with minimal scaring. From what I have read, pitted scars is when the skins collagen actually is damaged, which can be a hereditary thing-as in how your skin heals. I was
  13. Thank you Have you started to clear now? All i can say is roll n month 4/5
  14. Again that was so sweet of you to post a picture to make me feel like im not alone. I take it you have persistent acne? i think one you start taking you're pills the inflammation will go down within the first two weeks. The think with my skin was it was mainly millions off clogged pores all over the skin which just exploded. And gave me cysts. Through looking at the logs and pics the people with most of there pimples purged already on the surface see the fastest results quicker. Ill link you t
  15. Yeah its basically free healthcare. We pay for it in taxes. But with things like Accutane you have to be your doctor to refer you to a Derm even then if he does like i said you have to wait 3 or more months. My doctor wouldn't refer me so i went private and here i am. I hope your course goes well for you i really do Please keep me updated
  16. I put powder on my face before taking a picture i was to ashamed of taking one of my naked face. I know its so expensive isn't it. I wish we could get it over in the uk without having to wait 3months on the NHS. Dont be nervous. Chances are if it worked for you once it will work again. They say it comes in threes. 3rd time lucky right?!
  17. Shit just burst in to tears. I dont know what's up with me. Its sunny in Enlgland for once. And i have been stuck in doors.. Is it normal to be still looking like this at 9 weeks? Is it normal to have hard pimples that never leave. I went private in the UK and its costing me a fortune to be on this drug. £1.200 all together for the appointments each and blood work month and then £120 a month for the Accutane pills. Sorry for letting steam off Im just sick of it. Never felt this low in my lif
  18. Why has Accutane made me worse but not getting any better?? Cloged pores it broke me out with stil the same. And hard bumps under the skin that have been there weeks. I was on 20mg for 6 weeks. And for 3 weeks i have been on 50mg a day why oh why why are the current pimples on my face just staying for weeks.. Im so down sick of feeling and looking like a big pile of dog shit.
  19. I wish my skin looked like that! Thats defiantly not acne. Looks more like the occasional breakout. Your skin is what i am hoping mine will look like after Accutane.